Our own kids are ‘Dreamers,’ too

By Tom Joyce - tjoyce@civitasmedia.com

Tom Joyce Senior Reporter

I don’t want to get into a big debate about how great the so-called “Dreamers” are, the young people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program who were brought to the U.S. illegally.

I’m willing to concede up front that each and every one of those folks, despite their unlawful status, was the valedictorian of their high school graduating class and is on the verge of major breakthroughs in cancer research, world peace and the heartbreak of psoriasis. No doubt it’s only a matter of when, not if, they all receive a Nobel Prize in their chosen fields of endeavor.

But one thing that is driving me nuts in the days since the Trump administration announced on Tuesday it was ending the constitutionally illegal program set up by Barack Obama is the groundswell of home-grown support emerging for foreign-born individuals.

The last time I checked, 15 states had announced the filing of lawsuits to block that action, and it is being condemned by media organizations, certain politicians and all the other usual suspects. That includes mayors of sanctuary cities who routinely defy the U.S. government to protect criminals instead of legal Americans.

They are labeling the decision to end DACA with terms such as “cruel” and “heartless” — when it only amounts to upholding the law.

Well, I must ask, given that it is well and good for all these folks to want to protect people brought here from Mexico and other countries as youngsters, when was the last time you saw them spring to action to such a degree to help our own kids?

There are plenty of issues all these advocates could tackle on the domestic front, such as the lack of job opportunities in our inner cities which is causing thousands of youths to turn to drugs and die violently each year as the result of the inevitable turf wars.

No one seems to care about African-American kids in general, whose families have been here for generations, and are disproportionate victims of violence, unemployment and incarceration.

Or how about hitting the streets and otherwise taking a major stand against the opioid crisis that is causing the deaths of youths and others at a rate now surpassing fatalities from motor vehicles and guns combined?

The deplorable state of public education and the vast power the University-Industrial Complex is wielding to sucker kids into college just so they can leave with massive student loan debt and little prospects of good-paying jobs is another issue.

But no, the attention right now is focused on outrage over ending the “Dreamers” program, when there should be more emphasis on making sure young people who are legal citizens also have the opportunity to live their “Dream.”

Here again, I don’t want to get into a debate about what good people the Dreamers are — but it stands to reason that with at least 900,000 of them in the country, there must be some bad apples in the bunch, based on logic and laws of probability. The media only shows you the sweet little A-student who volunteers at her local nursing home, but it doesn’t tell the negative stories that invariably exist.

In defending the presence of Dreamers, all the DACA supporters are pointing out how these people are making contributions in science, the military and other occupations.

Yet with the U.S. trillions of dollars in debt, we must question the monetary, educational and other resources spent on illegal aliens, plain and simple, when many of our own children are suffering from poverty and other societal ills.

And under no circumstances should a Dreamer be allowed to hold a job that a qualified legal resident could have instead.

You can’t discount the fact that DACA was an unlawful act right off the bat, one which probably would not get past the Supreme Court due to required congressional approval being bypassed with an executive order.

Maybe I’m a Dreamer for thinking these things, but once again I will ask the detractors: What part of illegal do you not understand?

There is some weight to the argument that the Dreamers were brought here through no fault of their own, which automatically must assign blame to someone, those who were at fault: their parents. So the first thing that should be done is deport them.

If anyone deserves the “cruel” and “heartless” labels, it is those adults who knew full well what they were doing and that they likely would be putting their children in a precarious position at some point in time. I would guess that many either (a) didn’t think there would be any repercussions or (b) didn’t care about the consequences.

Well, those chickens are coming home to roost.

Tom Joyce Senior Reporter
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By Tom Joyce


Tom Joyce is a staff writer for The Mount Airy News. He may be reached at 336-415-4693 or on Twitter @Me_Reporter.

Tom Joyce is a staff writer for The Mount Airy News. He may be reached at 336-415-4693 or on Twitter @Me_Reporter.

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