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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to an article by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he reported on the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners agreeing to pay $21,000 for land to be used for eight parking spaces on Market Street, after the board already approved a $300,000 budget for Market Street upgrades, we received these comments at

bob vincent: Will the city commissioners never stop lying about what Market Street is costing? They hide $60,000 of cost by saying city workers will do it, but they don’t count that in the $300,000 cap already voted on. Now here’s another $21,000 expense that again violates the $300,000 cap. They won’t count that either.

Stop the hiding and lying.

joe h: Amen to that


In response to an article by Tom Joyce in which he reported Project Lazarus Coordinator Karen Eberdt had been terminated from her position by the Surry County Health and Nutrition Center, we received these comments:

Scott Sutton: Recently attended a Mt Airy meeting, actually heard some quack Mental health Dr. from Elkin tell a women her son needed anti depressants “immediately”. He never spoke to the kid. Typical mental health workers,,, throw another pill at the problem BIG PHARMACY kick backs… And some of the literature WOW read a Marijuana phamplet that came straight out of the 1969 Nixon Era playbook….. The Opiate epidemic is real, and there is no easy answer, Jail, Mental Health both costly with no guarantee… I wish I had an answer.One thing for sure, In states with Medicinal Cannabis laws in effect, Opiate deaths have declined, What’s really sad is NC politicians have been to California, Colorado on taxpayers dime and know this to be fact. Not sure of a Simple answer, But for starters If Opiates are prescribed 3-6 days is adequate for most injuries and Post Surgical.pain.. Drs. Need to Stop prescribing 60 + pills at a time for starters

NoName: I agree with every single thing you said, very much


In response to a column by staff writer Bill Colvard, who expounds on the impressive array of live theater in and around Mount Airy, we received these comments:

John R Thompson: What we need is more entry level jobs to where you can build on your skill set and eventually increase your earnings. Here in Mt Airy, if you have no marketable skills, you end up flipping burgers and getting nowhere fast.About the only entry level job I can think of off the top of my head is Trucking School through Surry Community College program. But alas, it costs roughly 2200 dollars to attend and the training grounds are in Yadkinville. Point being, while I enjoy the arts, it doesn’t do anything to put food on the table or pay your bills. The upper class or “haves” could care less. City council is in the same boat.

NoName: Didn’t you know that comment would pop up, Bill? It’s almost quite laughable, were it not actually just flat out sad. Perhaps you should have added something about how we have the arts DESPITE naysayers like that one, despite it being a lot like HICKSVILLE itself here.

Donna Hoover: Every time I read about the wonderful theatre happening in Mt Airy, I am overcome with emotion. I miss my hometown and the good times I had at the Andy Griffith Playhouse. Nothing I have done since compares. Bravo, my friend Brack on yet another astounding accomplishment. Well done!


In response to an article by Tom Joyce in which he reported there were 15 suicides in Surry County through June 30, equaling the total number for 2016; and 39 drug overdose deaths through June 30, compared to 32 in all of 2016, we received these comments:

Animal Lover: I have read this article… and have my 2 cent response.

People ARE aware of the problems Mr Shelton. People try to get help and are turned away due to lack of money to pay whether it be for drug abuse or mental health. TURNED AWAY!

People report problems and seemingly go ignored.

People getting out of rehab/ jail with a record TRY to get jobs and are turned away because their record. I work with some these people and see it time and time again!

I work FULL TIME…. and a second job and can barely make it Mr Shelton. If you call having 80.00 to live on for 2 weeks barely making it!

The despair is real and felt by many of the residents. We know there are problems and the SYSTEM makes it impossible to overcome them.

Phillip Badgett: This is a sad story. Interesting that many locals feel that they are “turned away” due to lack of money for drug abuse and mental health programs! Well, is that not exactly what locals want – NO LIBERAL SOCIAL PROGRAMS!!! They voted for Trump and the current Republicans in the House and Senate!!! YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR PEOPLE!!! YOU VOTED TO END SOCIAL PROGRAMS and HELP!! YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!

Scott Sutton: Problems existed long before Trump was elected.

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