You Said It…

Your Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

From a June 14 story by staff writer Andy Winemiller, on the upcoming Surry County Board of Commissioners meeting that was expected to include a vote on awarding a bid for the Interstate Water Project (the board did pass the awarding 3-2), we received the following comments on our Website.

Moonstone: I hope this means the county is finally going to move forward on this NO BRAINER of a project! I think anyone with any common sense can realize that there will be more sales tax and property tax revenues for the county if this project comes to fruition. There are multiple businesses who have wanted to move to this area including gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc, but they cannot do it at the moment b/c there is no water and sewer service.

Undercover Angel: I appreciate the fact that Mr. Phillips goes as far as he can to make sure that we the voters are informed to the max. And I know he is doing what he can for the water-sewer project. We here in Flat Rock were promised sewer but it never happened for those of us who connected to the water and sewer was supposed to come later. Well we needed sewer worse than water. Our water was good. Promises, Promises, Promises were made by Mr. Paul Johnson who, as we understand it, was over this part of the project. So, with that being said, no second phase, no sewer. I just hope those people in the Beulah section of Mount Airy get what they are supposed to get.

From a story by Andy Winemiller on Surry County Board of Commissioner member Paul Johnson being fined by the Board of Elections, we received these comments on our Facebook page.

Ricky Edmonds: Crook, should be relived of all duties, and fired, striped of all compensation!

Franklin Creed: Fine should have been a lot more.

Ricky Edmonds: U r right, what can be done!

Ricky Edmonds: Fat lazy, your mommas boy, bet he still lives with mommy, I’m sure He says its just a mistake.

Ricky Edmonds: Can never be trusted!

On a column written by editor John Peters in which he supported raids on illegal gambling establishments by local law enforcement, we received these Facebook comments:

Terry Tilley: The only reason they are raiding these places is because the city isn’t making any money from it these places are not hurting a damn thing if you are against it then all you have to do is just keep driving past them.

Kim Moorefield: That’s right Terry Tilley. I worked at one of those places so now I’m looking for another job. And they are few and far between in Sorry County.

On a story by staff writer Tom Joyce regarding the closure of long-time downtown Mount Airy restaurant Pandowdy’s and the retirement of its owners, we received these Facebook comments:

Patty Mccracken Mcbride: Wii miss the place

Bobki Jean: Noooooo!!!

Julie Keziah Morgan: We will miss our favorite place to eat!!

Sara Mathis Carter: Good place to eat.

Jeannie Simmons: Gonna miss this place!

Jessica Johnson: I remember walking to Pandowdy’s when I was young – about 8 or 9, with my friend Emily who lived on S. Main Street. We thought we were grown, walking all the way to eat lunch by ourselves. We would always order a French Dip.

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