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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a letter by local resident Paul Eich, in which he questions Mount Airy officials over the burgeoning cost of repairs on Market Street downtown, we received these comments on our website,

Hugh Damrite: Good letter Paul, and as usual very factual. Too bad the majority of Mt. Airy taxpayers never make it to a commissioners meeting. Too bad not enough taxpayers are watching the town till. Too bad we have commissioners who make decisions with their own or their friends agenda in mind. Too bad all jobs don’t come with the benefit package as city jobs. Too bad the majority pay taxes for the benefit of the minority. GET INVOLVED CITY/COUNTY TAXPAYERS!!!

Scott Sutton: Ohhhh the False Moniker people are gonna get butt, hurt over your truthful comments. Great read though


In response to a staff editorial praising State Rep. Sarah Stevens on her vote on the so-called “brunch bill” as well as her growing effectiveness and influence in the General Assembly, we received these comments at

P MS: Would have been a great article IF you hadn’t have jumped on the CNN band wagon to dawg our President..

LindaLea: Very proud of Sarah although I some time disagree with her votes. This vote is an example. But I want to thank her for her support of the Shepherd House & those families who need a ‘hand up’.

She has also been placed in a group of legislators that will determine the new voting districts. I have no doubt she will use her usual logical judgment in this area as well.

Thank you Sarah.


In response to an article by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he reports former Mount Airy Commissioners Todd Harris has filed to run for the city council seat now held by Steve Yokeley, we received these comments at

Jennifer: Interesting…

I know everybody hits hard times sometimes, but a quick Google of his name brings this up immediately. How can you help “run” a town, including the budget and financials, when you can’t run your own personal accounts?

Also, I didn’t realize he, apparently, owns that beautiful house on West Pine Street! I always loved that house as a kid.

On another note, I wonder if those of you who voted for Brinkley are kicking yourself now, since so many seem to have a lot of negative things to say about her “doings”. Is Mr. Harris just going to bring it full-circle?

nose alittle: Todd Harris or Steve Yokeley? Tweedle dumb or tweedle dee. Which is the more arrogant or condescending? Two peas in a pod. We’ve seen both as commissioners and I’d prefer to buy a vowel.

somethingsmells: We do agree on something.

Todd Harris: I would urge the many people who have been supportive in my decision to run not to resort in any way to a negative back and forth. The cloak on anonymity allows such things to flourish unfortunately. I am running so that, as a community, we can work together on the issues. If you value those things that make Mount Airy special I ask for your vote. If a voter enjoys the current ugly state of local politics they are free to vote accordingly. I am running because I wish that to change and as my statement of candidacy indicated it is the catalyst for my candidacy. We can return to a time when all of us had only one overriding concern… what was best for our town. I would welcome talking with and working anyone… especially those who currently feel the way as “somethingsmells”.

somethingsmells: You’ve neglected a historic property for decades that needs to be addressed and you’ve benefitted from your former status as a commissioner in that it has never been addressed or fixed. You think that other citizens get the same treatment for having uninhabitable residential buildings within city limits? How can you attempt to be a community stalwart when you can’t take care of your personal business? It’s an eyesore on the W. Pine corridor.

NoName: Todd Harris, Very thoughtful response! Thank you!


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