Skull Camp president answers board member

To the Editor,

In response to a June article on the county budget called “County looks at fire tax rates” (Mount Airy News, June 17, 2017), we would like our citizens to know the correct facts about our district.

The article read, in part: “That’s unlikely to be the case for Skull Camp, said Buck Golding, a Lowgap native. The district is too wide, resulting in longer response times than what it takes to get high ISO ratings. Plus, he pointed out, there are a couple of older, small bridges in the community that can’t support the weight of a full-sized truck, so the firefighters have to drive around them, increasing response time.”

Skull Camp Fire & Rescue would like to clear up a few facts.

We do have bridges in our district that could be damaged by the weight of a fire truck and any other apparatus. However, we have taken great care and responsibility to preplan for any emergency within those areas. Our fireman are aware of these areas and have been trained how to respond safely and promptly. Our response times are issues do to manpower, not necessarily the geography of our district.

In 2003, Skull Camp Fire & Rescue lowered the ISO rating to a Class 7, saving the taxpayers within our district money on their homeowners insurance. We are currently working to lower the ISO rating again, which will in turn save our taxpayers additional money on homeowners insurance. We encourage the taxpayers within our district to speak with their insurance company to ensure they are receiving the correct rating.

I can assure you that Skull Camp Fire & Rescue works very hard to ensure the safety of our citizens and their property. We had a community meeting to inform the taxpayers of our request and it was well received.

I encourage and invite any commissioner or citizen to our department to discuss this issue further and to give them correct facts before false information is communicated.

Thank you for the opportunity to present the facts to you.

Josh Moose

President, Skull Camp Fire & Rescue

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