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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to an article by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he reports on Mount Airy Commissioner Jon Cawley discussing the possibility of a food and beverage tax in the city limites, we received these comments at

john pritchard: …The problem is our local, state, federal gov’t is not satisfied with normal increases in their tax revenue, they keep looking for new ways to tax us. This food and beverage idea is just the latest scheme. The real answer is what it has always been … cut out gov’t waste. We see examples all over town of much more being spent than is needed for certain projects. The fancy sidewalks that cost $180 per sq yd when DOT standard sidewalk and curb is is only $30 is but one example. That’s over 600% more expensive.

Mt.AiryNative: Another example of a City Commissioner that has lost sight of reality. He brings forth an idea, with admittedly no forethought as to the percentage the city should charge or how much revenue the city is to gain. Mr. Cawley is what I would refer to as “the good idea fairy”. Someone has already mentioned this, however, I will mention it again. The citizens of this city will pay this tax EVERY time they eat at a local restaurant, it is not a “tourist only tax”…The Commissioners need to plan for the future, not year to year. That plan should include a vigorous search for industry to redevelop this City not just Main Street.

joe h: The town would quit blowing money on useless market street and other places they wouldn’t have to hunt for money


In response to an article by staff writer Andy Winemiller about the annual fireworks show put on July 4 by the Rotary clubs in Mount Airy, we received these comments at

NoName: Thank you, rotary. The city residents do appreciate this.

joe h: The town used to pay for these firworks

Undercover Angel: No problem with paying but a couple who cannot afford to pay were made to feel like they should have. I paid but the other couple with 3 children could not. I hate they felt like they were supposed to.

michael keen: Fireworks is not a necessity city service!

NoName: Are you serious right now? Why do you you think the city pays for it? Read the actual article.


In response to a staff editorial supporting the idea of Mount Airy commissioners pursuing a local food and beverage tax, we received these comments:

joe h: If the city would quit blowing money they wouldn’t need to raise taxes

NoName: Thoughtful and honest editorial! Thank you, John!


In an article by Tom Joyce, in which Mount Airy commissioners discussed hiring a building code enforcement officer, rather than continuing to contract with an outside agency to do that work, we received these comments at

somethingsmells: ‘OWNED BY THE CITY…’ That shows you exactly what Brinkley wants, someone that she can micromanage and have the ability to pull that person off a case depending on who the violation is against. What kind of twisted ‘slave/master’ mentality is that??? It is my understanding that Mr. May was a retired police officer, so getting someone that ‘knows the codes, knows the laws…’ carries no weight, either. She is a real problem for this town.

Jennifer: That’s EXACTLY what I said! Isn’t she the one ya’ll have issues with, with the landscaping stuff up there? I can’t believe she’d say something so stupid…

Also, “In casting the lone vote against adding the position, Commissioner Jon Cawley has said he wanted to avoid any move that might greatly increase the volume of housing violations and force people to improve properties who can’t afford to do so.”

… isn’t that sort of redundant to what the position is for? Isn’t the entire purpose of the position to enforce coding laws and standards so people will keep their houses “up” and safe?

somethingsmells: YES. The woman is crazy and has absolutely no filter. You’d think someone that beats the Bible that much would know a little something about discernment.

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