Mayor doesn’t like headline

To the Editor,

Recognizing how important the truth is, I take exception to the headline in the Tuesday edition of the Mount Airy News. Sowers Construction did not “pull out” of the contract as a contract had not been consummated. Sowers had no contract.

The engineering staff prepared plans and specifications and a proposal for the reconstruction of Market Street to which Sowers replied and the reply is called the bid. The bid then becomes the basis for a contract. Also, in the specifications was a paragraph specifying a period of time during which the contractor could not withdraw his bid which in this case was 60 days.

The board of commissioners had the opportunity to review the bid during this 60-days period and did so, but chose not to accept the Sowers proposal. Therefore, Sowers had no contract and the headline should have read, “City Fails to Act on Sowers Proposal.” Mr. Sowers had every right to withdraw his proposal.

In the interest of truth,

David Rowe

Mayor, Mount Airy

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