Trump needs to go back, grab the horse

By Andy Winemiller - [email protected]

Last week I poked a little fun at President Donald Trump. Quite frankly, he’s such a fun target I simply can’t resist. It’s like a shooting gallery at a fair, as more people shoot the targets, the squirrel grabs the acorn or the groundhog pops its head out of the hole. One chuckles and keeps shooting.

It’s quite an enjoyable game the media is playing with the president. He lacks the maturity to put an end to it by remaining above it. They pick a little, and then his response supplies more material at which they can pick.

My little shot at the president, however, isn’t a reflection of my views regarding illegal immigration.

I don’t take issue with rounding up illegal aliens and shipping them back to the places from whence they came. I’m in agreement with the president on the simplest terms of the matter. If a person is not here legally, our country absolutely has the right to ship the individual back.

My disagreement with the president lies in the realm of priorities.

It seems like everyday I read the national news there’s a story about some illegal alien getting picked up by authorities. Of course, a biased national media sings a sob story about the guy (or gal) being a good person who has kids who are American citizens. This person usually has never committed a crime.

But wait. He or she did. If the individual is here illegally, his or her very existence within the confines of the borders of our country is illegal. Thus, he or she is a criminal.

The sob story the national media sings is equivalent to saying, “Sure, he robbed the bank, but he is a good guy with kids.”

That’s hogwash, but I stated all of that simply to ask this. I want everybody to know I’m not just some soft-handed liberal whining because our government is picking on criminals.

Why has the president made this a priority?

I remember the campaigns a little bit. Trump talked a lot about rooting out illegal immigrants. He also spoke at length regarding fixes for the economy.

However, what has Trump achieved?

He has issued some executive orders, and some of the most notable regard immigration. He has neither introduced nor signed any major legislation, and some of the orders are tied up in court already.

Where is a plan to replace Obamacare?

What I’m pointing out is Trump was a man without a plan, and he remains a man without a plan. When asked on the campaign trail how he would achieve any goals, his reply was he would simply do something “huge” or would “make America great again.”

He was going to replace the Affordable Care Act with something better, but we have yet to see what that better plan is. Instead, he seems to be letting Congress — part of the establishment against which he ran — lead the way on the matter.

But he’s really put the heat on illegals in this country. Many are scared; their existence here is threatened. Again, I don’t oppose sending somebody who is here illegally packing.

However, where do we stand as a country in this world in which we live? With questions regarding the president’s ties to Russia, North Korea launching missiles in Japan’s vicinity and Iran terrorizing naval vessels, our nation looks as weak as ever in the realm of national security.

Trump seemed to believe in the campaign that isolationism was the answer, but we see where that gets us. When countries in hot spots around the world see the U.S. butting out, they will naturally test the waters — or the missiles.

Back to immigration, however. My concern, as it is with everything that spills from the president’s mouth or onto the keyboard of his smartphone, is that it is half thought out.

Has Trump considered what to do with anchor babies? It’s easy to say, “Send them back with their parents,” and I’m not necessarily opposed to that answer. However, our laws must be changed to reflect that.

And since that change hasn’t been made, what do we do with them in the meantime? Do our taxpayers foot the bill for the flood of these children into the foster care programs of the state?

Also, who will pick the tomatoes? That’s a serious question, and it’s an important one for our economy and our very way of life.

When Alabama cracked down on hiring illegal immigrants in 2011, multiple media outlets reported crops rotting in the fields, as good, hard-working Americans opted against the low-paying and back-breaking labor.

I’m sure some of those Americans chose instead to draw from social programs. That’s an entirely different matter for another column though.

The president is simply using these knee-jerk fixes to immigration as a means to appease his base. He’s not thinking about the long-term.

Again, I’m not opposed to sending illegals packing, but I wish the president would go back and grab the horse before he drags the cart and our country down this road.

By Andy Winemiller

[email protected]

Andy is a staff writer and may be reached at 415-4698.

Andy is a staff writer and may be reached at 415-4698.

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