To the Editor,

I am not one who normally writes to the editor. But after reading the Wednesday, Feb. 15 Mount Airy News, I just could not sit silent any more.

What is the matter with the judicial system of Surry County? Headline reads: “Driver in weekend crash charged with DWI.” The driver had 12 DWI prior convictions on record, and was out on bond pending a hearing on drug related charges.

The driver refused to take a blood alcohol test and was charged with the following charges: Driving while impaired, driving with a suspended operator’s license, driving left of center, failure to wear seat belt, possession of an open container of alcohol, possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia.

Four people were injured and transported to the local hospital and Baptist Hospital. This in itself is bad, but what really gets me upset is when I read the whole article and discovered that the driver had a long history of criminal activities and incarceration.

At one point $250,000 bond was posted by the driver, one can only guess where that money came from. No wonder law enforcement authorities get upset. They catch the criminals and the court system and some slick lawyers get the criminals off on a lesser charge or consolidated charges, which allows them to do it again.

I guess that is the way the county makes money, by repeat offenders. I think that it is a shame and disgrace that this goes on in our judicial courts. I guess it depends on who you are and who you know and what judge is on the bench.

As long as we keep having habitual offenders, we will never get a handle on the drug activity in the county. This is in no way directed at anyone personally, it is just how I feel. All that one can do is call upon a higher power to intervene.

Have a blessed day.

Bill Wight

Mount Airy

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