‘Day without immigrants’ misguided, as usual

By Tom Joyce - [email protected]

Tom Joyce

I don’t know about you, but my existence wasn’t affected the least little bit by Thursday’s so-called “Day Without Immigrants” in which thousands of people allegedly boycotted their jobs or stayed home from school to illustrate how important migrants are to the economy, blah-blah-blah.

From what I can tell, the wheels of commerce and industry (what little there is left in America) still purred with efficiency Thursday, and both Walmart and Waffle House continued to operate. (I once heard a Federal Emergency Management Agency official say that the magnitude of a natural disaster is measured by whether Waffle Houses in affected areas are open or not.)

And as far as I know, the stock market operated Thursday — and probably boomed, as it has for more than three months now — and it was business as usual for other institutions in society.

So to summarize, the so-called “Day Without Immigrants” was by and large a gigantic bust, accompanied by an equally giant sucking sound of the hype by dishonest media and liberal obstructionists being deflated.

Maybe their big day got attention from a small special-interest group of illegal immigrant enablers and apologists (hopefully becoming smaller by the day), because such boycotts generally are ridiculous anyway and this one was dubious on steroids.

Of course, the what-turned-out-to-be-lackluster observance was planned in response to President Donald Trump’s recent crackdown on ILLEGAL immigration. The word illegal, however, was conveniently left out of a report on Thursday’s activities by a leading national newspaper that shall remain nameless (USA Today), and therein lies part of the problem with such events.

I truly believe most rank-and-file Americans finally have learned to distinguish between illegal immigrants, which many have problems with, and legal immigrants — to which no one has an objection.

But the undocumented enablers/apologists don’t bother to make that distinction, deciding instead to utter such misleading statements as “we are all immigrants” with well-drilled precision. They don’t point to the fact there is a big difference between the careful processing people entering this country underwent many years ago as opposed to crossing a border river in the middle of the night.

The only statements more irritating than the one about everybody being immigrants are “our immigration system is broken” and “these people deserve a path to citizenship,” aka amnesty.

Well, the system was broken only because the laws behind it weren’t being enforced, and now that President Trump is taking care of that part of the equation, it is infuriating this small but vocal minority who mistakenly believe a world with open borders is a good thing.

So Thursday’s purported “Day Without Immigrants” was the just the latest reaction by the crybaby minority to wholesale deportations of illegals who’ve committed crimes other than being in America in violation of the law.

With all indications that Thursday was a flop, it proved to be just another non-event certain news organizations dutifully played up to proportions larger than what actually transpired.

Here again, one of the reasons for that lack of success was most Americans, who are reasonable and thoughtful, saw the boycott for what it was, a questionable exercise made even more so with the use of the deceitful name “Day Without Immigrants.”

I’ll bet that people who back what Trump is doing would create a larger response and much more support from the general public if they declared a “Day Without Illegals.” And why not stop there when we also could have a month or year or century without those people, because my ideal observance would include getting rid of them once and for all.

But that would be deemed racist and full of hate.

In most cases, we aren’t talking about good decent folks who are taking jobs Americans won’t, but high-paying construction and other positions which Americans can’t access due to the illegal population that is causing wages across the board to be stagnated as a result. This opportunistic population also is draining our social services, educational, medical and other resources at a time when the country happens to be more than $20 trillion in debt.

Yet there’s one distinctly bright side to Thursday’s so-called “Day Without Immigrants.” Students cutting classes (who deserve to be expelled for a week since they apparently like being out of school so much) missed out on any participation trophies handed out then.

Tom Joyce is a staff writer for The Mount Airy News. He may be reached at 336-415-4693 or on Twitter @Me_Reporter.

Tom Joyce
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By Tom Joyce

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