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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to an article by staff writer Eva Winemiller, in which she details a planned greenway and erosion control project along Depot Street in Pilot Mountain, we received this comment on our website at

Peter Templeton: To the leadership of Pilot Mountain. Please examine the term “overrun with brush” carefully. If the goal is to control erosion and create a pedestrian experience along the creek, that is a good thing. If the goal is to clean up areas in the proposed easement and make the create a visitor experience devoid of anything that resembles and eco-system, that is not such a great thing. The “brush” shown and referenced is actually one of nature’s most efficient ways of controlling erosion and supporting native plants and small animals. A pretty good example of that can be seen along portions of the Mt. Airy Greenway. Some areas were heavily improved with enhancements that resembled natural materials, and some areas were left 100% natural and un-manicured. Bravo to Mt. Airy for respecting both the erosion priorities as well as the value of natural, native plants and animals. Hope the leadership of Pilot Mountain does the same.


In response to a column by editor John Peters, in which he detailed one experience he had that led him to look at issues from the perspective of others, rather than simply arguing or name calling, we received these comments at

Phillip Badgett: Great article, John! Thanks for printing my letter a few weeks ago! I fully agree we can all come together and discuss any issue in a civil way! All it takes is making the commitment to listen without judgement.

Phillip Badgett: I will be the first to say I’m sorry for making ugly comments to others – just to get them back for the ugly comments that they made about my views. It did not help in any way in pulling us together on any issue!!

Really?: Thank you, Phillip. Me as well. I am sorry for any ugly comments I have made. I do wish we could all come together more often, and want to start thinking like that more often. I love people who believe all sorts of things, because I know their hearts, and that is all I need.

Charlie Roberts: So now you all want to say ” I am sorry for calling names “

Whatever little to late . Now be sure to wear your safety pin 🙂

Remember if I call you names I can then say I am sorry and all will be well again .

One you have a disgruntled former teacher and news worker and another who don’t even live here. SMH

Really?: Stop attacking me. Get a life.

Really?: Actually, now that I think about it, I haven’t called ANYONE names, haven’t said ANYTHNG ugly! To what would you be referring to?

Really?: Thoughtful and honest. Thank you, John. This is something I need to remember every day.

War Eagle: This is a very good article. There is much wisdom in the writer’s words. However, like some comments noted after this article, there is always going to be many people who would rather continue attacking someone for having a different opinion.

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