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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to the staff editorial “Are we ready for meaingful racial discourse,” in which we ask is anyone really capable of discussing racial issues without devolving into hateful attacks, we received these comments at

Phillip Badgett: Judging my the number of people that are volunteering to come forward and be leaders in the Mount Airy community on race relations – currently none – I would say that you have no leaders in the community other than the mayor – who is the leader of saying racist things – without even knowing they offend someone! How about elected leaders take a class in history, black history, psychology, or even Mayor 101?!! Also, I see no responses to this article in the affirmative either. I would volunteer – but who is the leader to talk to, to volunteer to? Will someone on the staff at the Mount Airy News get this organized? How about the mayor? Also, of course you support that you got hosed by the Washington Post – how else would you portray that to your community? You have to be positive. However, you are running out of reasons to be positive in Mount Airy! Led by the mayor, who is at the very least – out of touch with society and should resign.

JLJ: There is a group of us trying hard to lead this effort right now, and we are extending our hands to the city, and we have a facebook group of almost 500, please join. Citizens Unite for Love and Community

Phillip Badgett: Thank you. Will do and that is a start.r

kittyconrad: No, we are not ready. It is no longer possible to discuss anything in this world with civility. Whatever the topic is, someone will call someone else a moron, and there starts the food fight.

But we surely need to be ready.

NCreader23: Ok. Let’s start this discussion and try to hopefully come to some agreements about what might be done. I’m all about positive discussions and positive changes.

Why is the crime rate among African-Americans so much higher than other ethnic groups and what do they propose to change that? How can the rest of us help?

Why is the rate of “father-less” or “single-mother” births so much higher among African-Americans than other ethnic groups and what do they propose to change that? How can the rest of us help?

Why is the high school dropout rate higher among African-Americans than other ethnic groups and what do they propose to change that? How can the rest of us help?

I’d love to hear from any of the NAACP reps what they propose as solutions to these problems.


In response to a letter to the editor by Evelyn Thompson, in which she takes issue with staff writer Tom Joyce’s column telling people to learn to get over the fact that Donald Trump is now president, we received these comments at

TM Gerber: Agreed Trump needs to fix America. Trump needs to deport illegals, stop the coming Islamization of America, overturn roe vs wade, ease the burden of gun sales, leave NATO, and open up a dialogue with Russia and North Korea.

NCreader23: Ms. Thompson,

While I respect your right to your opinion, some of your statements are simply ridiculous.

“The president has promised to take away services and rights that will turn the lives of most people upside down.” Most people? Really? Or just those who have unjustly become dependent on a social support system that is being abused and simply cannot be continued as it exists today.

“If we can be assured that President Trump truly does not mean that he will take action…” Oh, but I strongly disagree. He was duly elected to do exactly what he has promised to do, and I for one wholeheartedly support him doing just that. I will be disappointed if he does NOT do what he has promised. You see, now we truly have a chance at some real “hope and change”; that is why he was elected (and also because HC was a tremendously flawed and disliked candidate).

Do I like the man? Nope. (There aren’t many politicians I do like or trust.) Do I hope he succeeds in what he has promised to try to do? You betcha.

CEdwards: Thank you, Ms. Thompson for your wise words. Instead of ‘Make America Great Again’, we need to remember that diversity, kindness, and helping those less fortunate is what makes America the great place it is already.


In response to a column by staff writer Andy Winemiller, in which he says the healthcare marketplace cannot be treated like any other business, with the marketplace essentially governing itself as some other businesses do, we received these comments at

North Surry Grad: Amen brother. Finally, someone who agrees with common sense that says people normally don’t choose to be sick and can’t control when and if they will need healthcare. Well written and thoughtfully explained.

River Pirate: You’re on a roll Andy. Another good column.

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