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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a column by editor John Peters, in which he accuses Washington Post writer Sarah Pulliam Bailey of lazy journalism and doing an intentional hatchet job on Mount Airy with her Nov. 5 article “How nostalgia for white Christian America drove so many Americans to vote for Trump,” we received these responses (and others) at

P S: My question is , Do we really Care what some hack at the Washington Post thinks about Mt.Airy? You can’t change what people do, you can only change your reaction to it. Just another Race Baiting article as far as I can tell..

equalityisjustice: Lol, so they owe Mt. Airy an apology even though he admits what is in the story is true? His take is, yes what they said is true and lots of folks are backwoods racist, but lots aren’t so they owe Mt. Airy an apology. Instead of addressing the issues brought to light by the article, that he even admits are true, he is gonna demand an apology because some folks are good.Lol I agree with him, there are Lots and Lots of wonderful, caring, open minded, generous and non-racist people in Surry county, However, the story was based on the racism still alive in small towns, so why would they focus on something else. So instaed of this guy saying, “yes, it’s true and it’s a shame an we need to work together to try to eliminate some of these issues, he gets mad that it’s called out an demands an apology??

NCreader23: equalityisjustice, Go back and read his article again. You missed his point. A NEWS article should not be slanted. It SHOULD present both sides of a story.

This one did not. By doing the research with “boots on the ground” here they obviously had those other interviews at their disposal to provide another viewpoint, but they chose to leave all of that out of their article. That is not well-researched journalism; that is a hack opinion piece disguised as journalism.

John: You are dead on with your “opinion piece”. Hope you sent this to the WP editor.


In a news article by staff writer Terri Flagg, in which she writes about local reaction to the Washington Post piece, we received a number of comments, including:

North Carolina: So, I just read the article about Mount Airy in the Washington Post and I must say…If ever the Post wanted to portray what they felt country and backwards looks like (what experts are saying a typical Donald Trump supporter looks like) Bingo! Reading the article was almost comical to me but then again, I am a very highly educated Black female who was born and raised in Mount Airy; I am sure an audience Mayor Rowe didn’t know even existed. Maybe if he got outside the city limits of Mount Airy, instead of waiting for the world to turn back to a time when he and his good ole’ daddy were wearing white sheets and lynching black folks, he would understand that that time is over and we will never go back. Donald Trump isn’t even that backwards, he was just smart enough to play on the good ole’ southern folks who truly prayed at night to their “Christian” God that as a nation, we need to make America White again. The 86% of White population in Mount Airy should thank the mayor for making them appear to be the ignorance that the rest of the country is saying got Donald Trump elected…….. uneducated, White America.

Terry Hill: I guess the lesson learned here is, when asked for an interview by someone from the media, find out what media they’re from first.

Also, Mr Rowe, you did fine. I’d guess most folks agree with everything you said.

Also, reading this article actually makes me feel even better about living here.

Also, there ‘were’ black people in Mayberry, but love you Ms Thompson!

Terry Hill: Considering the article was written by a young woman for a liberal newspaper, I didn’t see anything in the piece to be too concerned about one way or the other. I saw nothing said that isn’t true nor that everyone didn’t already know. It could have been much worse, she could have walked over to this paper and talked to Andy.›

bobbysusername: Terry Hill, “I saw nothing said that isn’t true nor that everyone didn’t already know.”

Huh. I saw a national newspaper choose controversial quotes from a handful of people to represent an entire town.

Terry Hill: bobbysusername, the quotes in the article were of the quote givers opinions. The reader need not necessarily judge them as true or not, but rather as someones opinion. And consider this- there is more hatred of Mt Airy expressed in our own local paper every week than there was in this article!

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