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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a column by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he said those protesting Donald Trump’s election should learn to live with real-world consequences and move on with their lives, we received these comments at

Sasquatchman Ishere: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. put your big boy pants on and stop whining.

bob vincent: I guess the haters who are rioting in streets because Trump won are just like the conservatives did when obumbler won. Oh wait, that’s wrong because conservatives didn’t riot in the streets That sort of crap seems to be only a liberal habit. It’s time for all the special little snowflakes to swallow the fact that there’s a new sheriff in town and things will finally be different.

TLC173: Trump still has a racketeering trial and a rape trial to show up for. Your new sheriff may soon be kissing Bubba instead of Putin.

btc239: It’s not as black and white as this article suggests. Some are literally fearing for their lives and their rights after the rhetoric that Trump used to get elected. I was at a school post-election and a 1st grade Latina student came to me crying and said, “Why does everyone hate me? I’m scared” referring to the bullying from others because of her race. Some people can’t “get a life” as you suggest, because theirs is literally being threatened…

Animal Lover: Who put those ideas in kids heads…. It was not Trump. Trump said he wants to build a wall to keep ILLEGAL people from entering. He said he wants to deport the criminal illegals here already. The MEDIA is to blame for the fear in your students heart. It was the media who lied and twisted every word the man said…

TLC173: Trump, and his white supremacist cohorts, are the ones responsible for the divisions. Trump’s supporters are racists, xenophobes, Islamaphobes, homophobes and misogynists. If you are not a white male they think you should have no rights. How about the calls from Trump, to his supporters, to shoot Hillary Clinton? I was raised as a Christian, and I have found no similarity between ANY of Trump’s policies and anything that Christ taught in the New Testament. I was taught that we are all God’s children, and are equal to one another. I was taught to help the sick and the poor, but Republicans call those people “takers”. I was taught to show love to others, even those of a different religion, while Trump’s people want to kill and deport Muslims. If you voted for Trump then you stated that you thought it is okay to grab any girl or woman by her genitals, at any time or place one wishes. How does your wife, mother, sister, or daughter feel about that? Trump is evil, and his supporters fell for his lies hook, line and sinker.


In response to a column by staff writer Andy Winemiller, in which he wishes Donald Trump well as president and states he sees how some of Trump’s moves and statements might show he’s could be a surprisingly effective president, we received these comments at

bob vincent: Hard to spot the “best wishes”. They were well hidden among the criticism. What is it with you, Whinemiller?

Scott Sutton: Sorry Bob I don’t see the criticism. I see a well written piece. As for best wishes,WTF Are you one of those people that want Trump to fail? If he fails our Country fails. As for State level politics, Andy,, our US Congressional choices were a joke at best.. Another story in the making. Well written Great reading Winemiller!!


In response to an article by Tom Joyce, reporting the vice chair of the Patrick County, Virginia school board, pleaded guilty to DWI this week, we received these comments:

Hugh Damrite: Good call by Judge Key, I’m sure this will never happen again.

Scott Sutton: Judge Key did ya give her a lollipop too. Why even have trials? Law Enforcement works hard to get dangerous drugged and drunk drivers off the road, and as usual The Judicial System insults law enforcement officer’s with these laughable sentences. SMH

NCreader23: Scott, You are way wrong on this case. She has been pretty severely punished given the type of offense here and this has cost she and her family a lot of dollars and a lot of heartache.

Scott Sutton: 24 hrs. Community Service NO ACTIVE JAIL SENTENCE. …less than a Thousand in Fines. Yep that’s a slap on the wrist, and a slap in the face of actual law enforcement officer’s

Choose the right way: She is no different then anyone else who gets a DWI. Just because she has a clean driving record and being polite, and no aggravating factors doesn’t make her special. Burnett was not required to surrender her driver’s license as part of the judgment. Why? because she was polite? I lost my license and I was polite with a clean driving record. Sorry for her loss that day but she was impaired . Being Impaired is the same for everyone.

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