Trump-haters should now get a life

By Tom Joyce -
Tom Joyce -

Our Founding Fathers were a brilliant bunch of people who set up a constitution and a system to handle most anything that came along, including protecting us from ourselves.

But as far-reaching as their vision for America was, one thing they didn’t count on was the Liberal Industrial Complex that wields an undue amount of influence today.

James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and the other great shapers of our nation probably thought they had everything covered, including the inevitable changes in leadership which would occur. Their idea was that the democratic process would allow citizens to cast ballots and decide who they wanted as their leaders, and when the outcome was achieved we would all come together as one.

This formula has worked smoothly throughout our country’s many elections — until Tuesday that is, when Donald Trump was chosen president.

Of course, everyone, including the ones on the losing side, immediately came together and locked arms while singing “Kumbaya” in harmony, right?


Anything but, and it’s largely because of that Liberal Industrial Complex (similar to the Military Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned about, but much more toxic). Its basic flaw is that it must always be right on every issue and on the winning side of any and all debates — even when it’s wrong, as often is the case.

Along with refusing to accept reality, this element of our society will not tolerate anyone with an opposing point of view.

Normally with any election, there are some hurt feelings, but everyone gets over it in a day or two and things return to normal.

But not the Liberal Industrial Complex.

Remember before the election when there were reports that Trump might not accept the results if he were to lose to Hillary Clinton? Can you recall the ridicule hurled his way when the Republican candidate dared to suggest that the system might be rigged?

Oh, and then there also was the Liberal Industrial Complex’s embracing of the Electoral College, which it constantly touted as the path to victory for Hillary regardless of Trump’s pockets of support around the country.

So what has happened in the days since Trump won?

It is the Liberal Industrial Complex that has refused to accept the election outcome instead of Trump:

• Its ranks have hit the streets of major cities in droves this week to oppose his election, with crowds chanting “not our president” in some cases;

• A huge demonstration broke out on the UCLA campus after Trump was declared the winner, including flag-burning;

• Thousands of high school students have walked out of class in Los Angeles to protest the GOP candidate’s victory, shouting “love trumps hate” in unison, and hundreds more left school in Omaha;

• Students have been excused from exams and offered counseling to help them get over what happened;

• Some in California are even calling for that state to secede from the union rather than live under a Donald Trump administration (interestingly, when Southern states did this before the Civil War it was a bad thing);

• Others are threatening to leave the U.S. and migrate to Canada and elsewhere, while now saying the Electoral College must be abolished.

All I can say to this is “what the h—-!”

Under no circumstances could I imagine Trump supporters engaging in the same kind of foolishness had their candidate lost.

I saw no such backlash after Barack Obama won the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012, or no other previous election for that matter.

If anybody is hurt and angry and devastated by what happened Tuesday, it should be Hillary Clinton and Obama.

Yet on Wednesday Mrs. Clinton delivered the best speech I have ever seen her give, calling on the nation to respect Trump’s victory and saying that those who have opposed him now owe the president-elect “an open mind.”

Obama did the same thing, promising to work for a smooth transition of power and reminding Americans that at the end of the day we’re all on the same team and therefore should hope for a successful Trump presidency.

I know such remarks had to be painful for both Clinton and Obama after the hard-fought and bitter campaign, but they showed wisdom and foresight of which our Founding Fathers would be proud.

Unfortunately, that is not shared by card-carrying members of the Liberal Industrial Complex, who now need to get a life and put the 2016 election behind them.

Tom Joyce is a staff writer for The Mount Airy News. He may be reached at 336-415-4693 or on Twitter @Me_Reporter.

Tom Joyce Joyce

By Tom Joyce