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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a column by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he takes issue with illegal immigration to America and the lack of immigration law enforcement, we received these comments at

War Eagle: You forgot to mention that they also get free social security benefits. But if you are an American citizen, you have had to pay into it all your adult life. I resent having to pay for all those millions of “undocumented” people.

Terry Hill: Damned good article, Tom.

bob vincent: Great article. And lets not forget the big lie saying we have 11-12 Million illegals here. That’s the same number “they’ve” been saying for the last 10-15 years. First, how do “they” know how many? Second, if it was that many 15 years ago it must be 30 Million by now.

joe h: I agree.A white family goes to dobson for some help,food stamps etc. We can’t get them.But Mexican are over there every day getting the whole package.Things have got to change

randy cave: Something else: I know for a fact that illegals prepare food at Wayne Farms. They buy it with food stamps, prepare it at their homes, sell it at the gaite or even inside the dining room inside the plant. These people are not inspected or pay taxes on this food. Why does this go on? While Americans have to play by the rules, these people do not. Waynes Farms does not care if they break the law, nor does the Health Department or law enforcement personnel. Yes, being illegally inside the United States of America sure has its advantages.Mr. Trump is our last chance to put this great nation on the road back to being a sovereign nation. Go Mr. Trump!

equalityisjustice: Fact check can so improve ones knowledge, unfortunately many see no reason for it.


In response to an article by staff writer Terri Flagg, in which she reports that local law enforcement favors a new law that is aimed at being tougher on sex offenders, we received these comments at

Will Crump:The empirical evidence proves, as indicated by a recent D.O.J. study that in reality residency restrictions have no effect on the recidivism rate of “seksual” offenders and in over 90% of cases proximity to schools and other places where children gather were irrelevant because the child was a family member or the child of a family friend/acquaintance. Research “SMART Adult “Seks” Offender Management” and you’ll see that D.O.J. concedes residency restrictions actually have the opposite effect of making offenders more likely to re-offend because they are exiled from stabilizing factors such as decent housing and employment, support from family and friends, and access to treatment resources.

I don’t know why people won’t just come out and admit that the real impetus behind these laws is a deep-seated hatred and a desire to banish these people from society for all time coupled with a desire to watch them suffer for the rest of their lives.

I have to mis-spell seks and seksual because the idiot that set up moderation rejects any post with those words spelled correctly. Now how can we discuss seks offenders when we can’t even use the “s” word or any form of it in a sentence? Folks, here’s the product of our failing public school system in action. What morons!!!

Radical American Infidel: Hey Will, they also deleted my reply to you. I should have followed your lead and not used the “S” word. Just saying.

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