Where do I sign to be undocumented?

By Tom Joyce - tjoyce@civitasmedia.com

Tom Joyce

As was the case with millions of other Americans, Donald Trump caught my attention as a presidential contender when he promised early on to get tough on illegal immigration — an issue that’s long been a sore spot with me.

So catch-phrases such as “build a wall,” “deport them,” “no more sanctuary cities” and “go to the back of the line” were music to my ears and those of others.

Trump is the first presidential candidate I can ever recall who made the enforcement of our immigration laws a priority, and a large segment of the population — one too big to ignore — responded with unprecedented zeal for his position and candidacy.

Now Trump supposedly is backing away from his initial tough stance on immigration, which I believe should not be taken at face-value. With his poll numbers slipping recently and a shakeup occurring in his campaign-management staff, he obviously is compelled to appeal to Latino and other voters to broaden his general election support.

(Incidentally, that “others” group includes the brainless who have labeled Trump a racist, as a result of them somehow equating his desire to see immigration law obeyed with that label. These folks largely are those who have liberally slurped up the Kool-Aid of liberal brainwashing, which purports that political correctness in favor of some ethnic group always trumps the legal system — pardon the pun.)

I would like to think that deep down, Donald Trump still harbors the same strict view toward illegal immigration as he has all along.

The question is, does he stand to see a net gain in political popularity by ostensibly pandering to the self-appointed apologists for illegals, weighed against the risk of alienating those who’ve supported him all along because of his stern position on immigration?

This also affects another big reason behind Mr. Trump’s appeal, the fact he has been willing to tell the truth about the problems of this country — no matter how harsh it might sound or how many political points it costs him.

I think a strong approach to illegal immigration is needed more than ever, not only for the sake of Trump’s campaign but because it’s the right thing to do.

Countries have borders for an important reason, to protect their sovereignty and resources, which in the United States’ case are scant and getting scanter with each passing day. We can’t even care for our own, including children, the elderly and veterans.

Along with violating the most fundamental law there is — the right to be in our country in the first place — undocumented aliens continue to break the law after arriving. Their undocumented status permits them to fly under the radar to a certain degree while also allowing illegals to take advantage of our educational, social services and other institutions.

While some do attempt to learn English and otherwise assimilate into American society, owners thumb their noses at our way of life, maintaining Spanish-speaking families and communities and flaunting the existence of same.

The typical local resident in any given month might have to renew his or her tags and pay hundreds of dollars in property taxes for the lawful privilege of operating a vehicle in the state of North Carolina.

But I personally know of one Mexican couple in Mount Airy who have driven with the same Texas tags on their late-model car for three years — so you know they are not paying property taxes, tag fees, inspection charges, etc. And probably not for liability insurance, either.

That is but one example of an outrageous double-standard.

It seems like every time legal Americans turn around, we must get some license or certificate renewed or file some tax or other forms with the government — or else it will turn around and crush us.

And if you commit even some petty infraction, there’s a law enforcement or other authority figure in your face whose job it is to bust you.

At the very least, if no one is going to take a much-needed stand against illegal immigration once and for all — including Donald Trump — allow EVERYONE the chance to become undocumented if they so choose, and create a fair playing field.

I for one would love it if the government dumped all the information it keeps on file about me, including property and vehicles owned, who my close relatives are and where they live and — oh, by the way, make it so I wouldn’t be forced to pay taxes for anything.

Being undocumented sure would have its benefits, and as I’ve said before, where do I sign?

Tom Joyce is a staff writer for The Mount Airy News. He may be reached at 336-415-4693 or on Twitter @Me_Reporter.

Tom Joyce
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By Tom Joyce


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