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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to an article by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he reported Mount Airy Commissioner Shirley Brinkley did some significant pruning work on shrubbry outside of the Surry Arts Council, without first getting approval from the city, we received a number of comments at our website, Here are some:

joe h: People voted this crazy woman into office Maby they will vote her out at election time she is crazy

Anne Mosher: Perhaps its time for the powers-that-be to institute random drug screenings for commissioners!

Chandler: This is news? So much going on in our county, our state, our country and our world and this is all you’ve got? Impressive.

MountAiryNC: Local reporters write stories about LOCAL issues, not state and national and world.

Larry Stoneman: This is arrogance by an elected official and she should be called out for it. No matter what side she is on. Some of us care about those things. I, for one, want to know about it.

Odell Harold: That is an eye sore of a job that should have been left to a professional city worker .. Voters need to remember this and save these pictures for the next election ! Unprofessional in several ways ……….

Advocate Mt. Airy: Good to know that there are no consequences for damaging city property. If I don’t like the looks of something can I just go cut it down now? Cue everyone coming out with their chainsaws… or is Brinkley above the law? What if someone cuts all the trees down at Riverside park or anywhere else in the city? How can they be held liable if Brinkley is not? This is a huge overstep by an elected official. What she did not only caused significant damages, that will no doubt have a high price tag, but she also completely disrespected the professional city staff and their hard work. She should resign.

Penelope27030: I am in agreement with Advocate. Those bushes are butterfly bushes that attract an ever increasingly endangered species. If a city council member can do that to the shrubs with no consequences, then why was the investigation launched over someone painting the statue of Andy and Opie? I love the greenery just as much as I love the statue!!!

Peter Templeton: Lighten up. Her intentions were constructive; the execution was not. Cut her some slack, have a good chuckle over it, and move on. I’m sure she has friends in the community who will remedy the situation by buying a few plants and finishing this community improvement project.

Terry Hill: I’m surprised she wasn’t cutting down billboards

bob vincent: Isn’t this vandalism? She’s said and done some strange things but this tops them all. It bothers me that she did this and she has a vote on the board. If she likes the yellow fire trucks some towns still have she might decide to paint one of ours.


In response to an article by Tom Joyce regarding needed repairs to the parking lot at Surry Arts Council, we received these comments at

MountAiryNC: We need more sidewalks for visitors and locals!!

BimBim: I guess I missing something. The roads around Mt. Airy need some major work. Yet, the RCC is getting work done first? The roads are used by everyone. Not everyone can afford to use the RCC. I think the RCC should pay for the improvements instead of the taxpayers.

joe h: Roads in mt. Airy area worse that the stupid playhouse lot.They need to quit wasting taxpayers money are none of the commissioners will be back in office especially ol bag brinkley

bob vincent: The article says the discussion about the playhouse was “unexpected”? From the article it sounds like Shirley knew it was coming. Did she bring it up herself? Maybe it was unexpected just to the other commissioners. Connect this with the article a few days ago about Brinkley chopping up the shrubs and flowers at the playhouse when she had no right to mess with it. Shirley has said in paper she is strong advocate of SAC but she is supposed to be serving all the voters and not just her favorite thing. .

Then the mayor says to bring in a paving expert to tell us how much should be done. Of course the paving guy will recommend whatever costs more. Brinkley claims the lot hasn’t been paved in 30-40 years? That just shows she doesn’t even know how long it’s been. I’m with Armbrister on this. He seems to be the only one asking the right questions, like how come the city let it go this long?


In response to an article by staff writer Terri Flagg, in which she reports that a 42-year-old local man was found guilty of assault inflicting serious bodily injury, crime against nature and felony larceny in a sexual assault case against a 73-year-old woman, being sentenced to 19 to 32 months of active jail time, we received these comments:

NCreader23: Well, if they had found him with 1/2 ounce of marijuana, he would have gotten at least 6 months (because we all know how dangerous that is……)

Radical American Infidel: Another slap on the wrist, in my humble opinion. I don’t understand why there aren’t more mandatory minimum sentences for crimes such as this one.

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