You Said It

You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to an article by staff writer Tom Joyce, in which he reports on the city’s plan to hire a marketing director, we received these comments on our website,

Advocate Mt. Airy: Good for the city for creating a good job which will work to bring more jobs to our area.

bob vincent: This is what government always does, hire more “experts”. If he or she is as good at getting new business here as Tod Tucker we’ll still have zero.


In response to a story by assistant editor Jeff Linville, looking back at the career of local teacher and coach David Diamont, who is retiring after 46 years in the field of education and coaching, we received these comments on our website:

Rick Hunter: David has had a huge impact on thousands of kids in this area, just as his Dad did. His Dad was my first coach and a great teacher. David, along with his brothers Ronnie and Donnie, have not only helped so many kids turn into great athletes, but helped prepare them to become important members of our community. Job well done, David, well done.

Peter Templeton: Ditto x 10.

joe h: Yes good teacher and coach but a lot of people are still mad where he stole football playbook when he left mt. Airy. Bad man

JL: How did he steal the playbook? It was a Power I. Everyone ran it.Everyone knew what plays he was going to run, just a matter of trying to stop them. I don;t think the playbook he stole was invented at Mt. Airy

joe h: He took the playbook with him when he left as I know 1st hand

Peter Templeton: What a crock……

MtAiryNative: I seriously doubt that Coach Diamont will be watching anything from a rocking chair anytime soon. What a good coach, a good teacher, and a good man.


In response to an article reporting on a multi-jurisdictional drug raid in Dobson that resulted in the arrest of 11 people, we received these comments on our website:

NCreader23: The “war on drugs” has cost taxpayers millions of dollars and countless years of folks in incarceration and is still going on as strong as ever with no end in sight. Humans have been using drugs for thousands of years (Chinese with opiates; Indians with peyote, etc.).

Folks we need to end this war. If these people want to kill themselves with drugs, LET THEM DO IT.

It will cost us far less to incinerate their bodies and do away with them when they are gone.

If they commit other crimes (stealing, driving while impaired, etc.) then persecute them fully for that. If they are just getting themselves high, go on about our business and leave them alone to their own destruction.

I’m tired of paying for this useless war.

Scott Sutton: Really Do in your world we let the Meth heads and Crack heads roam free,, Robbing and assaulting anyone who gets between them and their drug of choice?? The war on drugs is a joke but Your answer is a joke as well..Guessing a Meth head robbing your family for more drugs is ok too…You might wanna rethink you magnanimous gesture

NCreader23: Please reread my comment. My point was, as long as they are only hurting themselves, then just leave them alone.

And if they attempt to rob or harm myself or my family they will earn several bullets from me.

Scott Sutton: The problem is “”They “” are NEVER just hurting themselves,, they destroy families too..Innocent kid’s. Yes crime and Meth go hand in hand.. The biggest problem is The Judicial System and their way of handling it.

joe h: I agree .The courts will slap them on the wrist and they will be back out in no time

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