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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In this edition of You Said It, we focus exclusively on the response to the article staff writer Tom Joyce, that the three individuals accused in the May 2012 shooting death of Donald Claude Arnder when robbing his store would not face murder charges in exchange for pleading guilty to lesser charges in federal court, we received these comments on our website, These are some of the responses we received within 24 hours of posting the story online.

Linda Sue: These arranged pleas that excuse the hideous crimes committed by these monsters are why the bad guys do not fear the judicial system. Time to hold these judges accountable.

War Eagle: You say, “time to hold these judges accountable”? That will never happen. Did you not know that judges, like OJ and Hillary, are above the law?

bob vincent: If we’d use the death penalty once in a while with scum like these maybe crime would drop.

Wish the victim had been a better shot and had taken care of all these thugs so we wouldn’t have to keep them up for decades in prison. They will get out sometime and probably kill someone else before its over.

joe h: Then the taxpayers us have to keep them up the rest of there live.They need to hang them like the old West days and this crap would stop

Radical American Infidel: I wonder if Mr Arnder had been a family member of Federal prosecutors, would they still “be pleased” with the outcome of the case? Some states have laws that if someone is killed in the commission of a crime, all involved in the crime will be charged in the death. It is my opinion that all states and the Federal Government needs this law. Also criminals know that most of the time they will get a lighter sentence if they plead guilty or reach a plea bargain. I know it is said that plea deals save money by not having a trial. That statement is confusing to me. Do judges and prosecutors only get paid if they have a trial? I know us taxpayers have to pay for “court appointed” attorneys and criminals room and board while in prison. I have no problem paying these cost if “justice” is served. I’d rather my tax dollars go for that than used by people on welfare using my money to buy illegal drugs, taking care of illegals or the Syrian refugees. Don’t get me started, I may never stop. This post is the opinion of a Proud Radical American Infidel.

Vicki Putman: Don was a damn good man who lost his life while WORKING in his store. These POS’s that were too sorry to work and instead decided crime would pay for them, were right. What could they possibly have given in return for a slap on the wrist. All THREE should gotten the same sentence that Don did.

Radical American Infidel: Vicki, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Linda Sue: Believe we should gather as many people as we can to attend the sentencing in October. Perhaps if enough angry citizens show up to see just what is going on, the judge will give the maximum sentence !! Mr. Arnder was one of the first people I met after we moved to this area. He was a kind and charming man. His murderer should not be allowed to live.

Radical American Infidel: Linda, I’ll be in town on that date. Count me in.

Larry Brindle: Such a shame. Poor Don got half a fair shake. I’m saddened.

Radical American Infidel: Larry, I agree with you 100%

We received these comments about the same story on our Facebook page:

Wanda Gary Pruitt: And once again ….where’s the justice

Tina Combs: Sad sad sad!!!

Camille Moseley: just plain ole darn wrong here plz

Dudley Quesinberry: b.s.

Peggy Cain: This is what is wrong with justice today

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