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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to an editorial in which we stated the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners should not approve a $15 per vehicle city car tax, as proposed by City Manager Barbara Jones, we received these responses:

joe h: Mount airy need to cut a few jobs as they have to many personal that just ride the roads

john pritchard: All very good points. No we don’t need any more fees because the city is loaded with cash already. This proposed budget is absurd. It calls for much bigger raises even though State website shows we already have higher personnel costs than other towns. Then there’s this new $15 fee, plus a 4% water rate hike (that will actually be 8% b/c sewer goes up when water does).

Hope the commissioners use their heads and look out for the taxpayers who elected them.

MountAiryNC: I can’t believe I actually agree with you, but I do.


In response to a column by assistant editor Jeff Linville, in which he lamented the lenient manner in which local courts seem to treat those convicted of DWI-related offenses and violent crimes, often allowing them back on the streets with little or no jail time, we received the following comments:

bob vincent: Amen and amen.

War Eagle: I’ve always wondered why judges, who have the power to dictate strong sentences, don’t ever use that power to invoke real justice against those criminals. I cannot accept the fact that drunk drivers who take others lives, and adults who torture or kill an infant/child, can actually spend less time in prison than someone who had never actually physically harmed another human. I would just once, appreciate it, if a Judge would write an article for the newspapers and in it, explain how they decide on giving these light and somewhat easy sentences to criminals. Fat chance of that ever happening!

MountAiryNC: I agree with you completely Jeff. This has been bothering me and many other locals this week. People with minor drug charges get more time than these terrible peopel.

randy cave: You are wrong, MOUNTAIRYNC. Minor drug charges do not draw longer sentences. I am upset these people got off lighter with plea bargaining!

bob vincent: What we have is a money making racket for lawyers and the courts. If these bums were put in jail long ago lawyers and courts couldn’t keep making money on them.

In response to an article by staff writer Tom Joyce, reporting that the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners approved zoning law changes to allow an indoor kennel operations on Main Street downtown, we received these comments:

joe h: Just some more of the dumb things this city does lol

bob vincent: You can’t fix stupid. Since no other cities allow this mess I guess we’r right and everybody else is wrong.. Must be good reasons why nobody else allows this.

MtAiryNative: What would’ve been good to see is some type of temporary zoning approval, with a stipulation that it be fully re-evaluated in 6 months or a year. That would give the owners a pretty good incentive to make sure they’re managing the thing as good as they have been trying to portray it.

Who knows, if this thing takes off, maybe the commissioners can just convert the old Spencer’s site into a really big kennel, with more air conditioned rooms for the dogs and everything!

bob vincent: A temporary approval would have been a smart idea. Too bad our officials don’t seem to be smart on things like this. The way they did it means when the problems start the city won’t be able to do anything about it.

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