Hamburg Bridge needs cleaning

To the Editor,

I’d like to see the Historical Society clean up the old “Hamburg Bridge” again. Its been 2 years since I called the Mayor and complained about the unsightly condition it has gotten in. At that time some of the maintenance fellows came down from the city and weed eat the higher weeds. Nothing since. I would love to be able to clean it up myself but am unable to do so.

It’s a shame that a part of Mount Airy’s history is about to be covered in weeds “again” because no one cares enough to regularly knock down the weeds and overgrown bushes that are growing there. There use to be this lady whom you’d see down there with her boxes and plastic bags pulling weeds. It was so nice then, but she no longer comes and neither does anyone else. The Hamburg bridge is as much a part of Mount Airy’s past as Andy Griffin homeplace or any of the beautiful homes we have.

Shirley Orange

Mount Airy

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