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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a story by staff writer Tom Joyce, reporting on attempts by a business to open a downtown animal kennel that city officials say does not comply with city regulations, we received these comments on our website,

bob vincent: It looks like the planning board voted 6-1 to approve some kind of kennel deal for downtown. That has to be the worst idea in a while. What are they thinking? In good weather I like to drive through town with windows down. When you go past this place you hear lots of dogs barking from inside because they have their store doors open too. Is that to clear out the smell? If they have outdoor kennels it will be a lot worse. This is nuts.

Sherry Kearns: There is no smell coming from the store. It is kept clean and taken care of. This is not a kennel and there are no cages or dogs kept outside. Please inform yourself before spewing misinformation. This will help bring more business to downtown and already has. Now people can come and bring their pets during festivals which will in turn bring in more revenue. Learn the difference between an kennel and what they are trying to do.

Terry Hill: A kennel, by any other name,…………..

Sherry Kearns: Is a Hotel. With indoor rooms and no cages. Lovely green space and specialty spa.

Terry Hill: Sounds good!, somewhere besides Main Street.

Sherry Kearns: This is not a kennel .It is a hotel for dogs and there are no cages or animals left outside unsupervised. This does go along with what they are trying to do for downtown Mount Airy. Over the past several years the downtown area has been trying to gear toward being more pet friendly. This is just adding to that; with the grooming and now the hotel which will offer daycare and boarding. Tourists will not be turned away from the festivals with their pets they will be sent their so they can enjoy what mount airy has to offer, This town has to grow and expand and that includes our pets. If your stay close minded and refuse to allow growth in our small town we will no longer have one. Just because some people do not understand or have a love for animals does not mean this is not beneficial for this town and its residence.

NCreader23: Honey, you can try to twist this any way you want; but a kennel is a kennel.

Kennel definition:


1. a house or shelter for a dog or a cat.

2. Often, kennels. an establishment where dogs or cats are bred, raised, trained, or boarded.

3. the hole or lair of an animal, especially a fox.

4. a wretched abode likened to a doghouse.

5. a pack of dogs.

The question becomes: If they make this allowance for this place, what is there to stop other places similar to this from opening downtown and would that then be detrimental? There is obviously a reason this is not allowed in other towns. The decision they make on this issue could have a ripple effect in years to come.

That is not saying I don’t think it is a good thing; just that it needs proper consideration before being approved.


In response to a column by staff writer Andy Winemiller, in which he takes issue with the idea that North Carolina teachers are underpaid or are deserving of raises, we received these comments at

joe h: I agree.Teachers get paid holiday off and plenty of sick and vacation days.The big wheels in these central offices is where a lot of the month eyes goes.No superintendent is worth 150,000$ a year just look it up its public records

LindaLea: Great article. All very true.

Trey Johnson: Wow. That is an incredibly naive position to hold. Sadly, I believe you do, or should know better. Your statistics have been cherry-picked to support your argument, while ignoring more relevant data. Your rationale is incredibly flawed, to the point that one doesn’t know where to begin.

So I’ll leave you with this: The number one thing that companies look for when deciding where to setup shop is AN EDUCATED WORKFORCE. Keep reducing the quality of education, and economic opportunities will continue to shrink as well.


In response to an article by Tom Joyce about the March for the Confederacy, scheduled today in downtown Mount Airy and led by the Dobson-based Southern Cross organization, we received these comments:

MountAiryNC: Terrible, terrible, terrible. How are our visitors who are here for Mayberry going to feel seeing Confederate flags parade down Main Street? I know there is free speech and they can’t keep someone from doing this, but this should not be allowed. Shame on whoever approved this. What a travesty for our city.

Trena Anderson: OK, so you can have and state an opinion but they can’t? Obviously you don’t truly believe in freedom of speech. All of our soldiers sacrificed to allow YOU the right to freely state your opinion. Please never lose sight of that.

MountAiryNC: FYI, this is not the actual confederate flag. Study your history. This was Robert E. Lee’s battle flag and it disappeared into obscurity until STROM THURMOND ran for the Dixiecrat party and used it as a symbol for racial divide and separating races. This is what it has stood for since then. This is not the confederate flag. That is a lie.

Mark Bryan Nunn: THIS IS THE SOUTH, we believe in our heritage, don’t WE have that Right too!!!

MountAiryNC: This is not heritage. This is racism. This is not the confederate flag. Do a simple search and you will see that. This was a battle flag used by ONE regiment, and a racist man brought it back when he ran for president on the platform of separating races.

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