Faith: Our confident connection with God

By John Pulliam

The New Testament word “faith” comes from the Greek word pistis, which means trusting in the truthfulness of God. So our faith is knowing (not hoping) that God is who the Word says He is, and will do what the Word says He will do.

In the previous two columns I’ve shared, we have discussed God’s great love for us, and the overwhelming desire in His heart to bless and help His children, which is God’s character. In this colulmn, we will examine how to connect with the fullness of His love, and to access His help and guidance in a real way for our lives.

This is His will for us. He desires to be intimately involved in every area of our lives, but the level of His closeness depends on us. He has a continual perfect desire for this connection, but it is we who fluctuate. Some days we are praying earnestly, quoting Scripture, and seeking God’s face, but then other times our focus is completely on the problem at hand, and we are oblivious to our Father’s outstretched helping hand.

His desire and abilities do not change, it is we who fail to connect with Him, and these may be some of the times that we ask, “where is God, why is he not helping me?”

The fact is, He is not missing it, we are. If we ever find ourselves thinking “where is God,” or “why is He not moving in this situation,” we need to recognize that our thinking is off track. He is perfect in His love and desire to help us, the Word is perfect and will do what it says it will do (Isaiah 55:11), so the problem is with us, more specifically our lack of focus or faith.

If we believe (faith) in His perfect love for us and great desire to bless us, then we can surmise that our focus is probably on the problem and not the solution (Him).

Jesus said several times in the New Testament, if we would ask he would help us (John 14:13-4, Matthew 7:7-11, etc.). Asking implies faith and focus. When we are engaged with Him, we activate His power into our situation, which will always bring results.

The New Testament is full of examples, and Mark chapter 5 is one of these where Jesus confirmed for a believer that their faith had accessed a desired result from Him. The woman with the issue of blood, in verse 28, declared that if she could just touch His garment, that she would be healed. She did not say that she hoped so, or that she might be healed. She had a confident expectation in Him.

In fact, the Bible does not say that He was looking for her, but she was pursuing Him for a desired result, and she it accessed with her faith, which Jesus confirmed in verse 34. She did not sit on the couch and hope that it would happen. No, instead she pursued a closeness with Jesus, and was confident that He would help her.

That same focus and faith that the woman had, will bring results for us as believers. She got her miracle, so we should follow that example, and reach out with focused faith to receive our miracle. Thank you Lord!

John Pulliam is director of Choose Life Counseling Services.

By John Pulliam

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