Economic official: Proud to represent Surry County

To the Editor,

As a hard-working citizen of Surry County, I would be upset about the article in the Sunday edition of the Mount Airy News which led with the headline “Official: Poor Workforce Hampers Recruitment.” I want to make one thing very clear; I believe the citizens of Surry County have a great work ethic and do a good job for their employers. This county was built on companies and individuals who work hard, and that continues today.

The statement I made was in reference to a question from a Surry County Commissioner asking if we would have any problems if a new company located in Surry County that had a large job requirement. I try to be open and honest when I answer questions from elected officials. The truth is, we have heard many times from employers who have difficulty when they are trying to fill vacant jobs, but this is not only a challenge in Surry County, but nationwide. However, they are clearly not referring to our workforce as a whole.

This headline in no way depicts how I feel, or accurately describes the total workforce in Surry County. If I didn’t believe Surry County was a great place to live and work, I wouldn’t be here. The best sales and marketing people believe in their product, and I believe in mine. There are challenges in everything that we do, and we have to face them head on and work to overcome them. I am proud to market the great attributes of Surry County, and will continue to do so in today’s competitive environment.

Todd Tucker


Surry County Economic Development Partnership

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