Knowing God’s character

By John Pulliam

The New Testament is packed full of evidence of God’s love for us, and His great desire to bless us, His beloved children.

I like that word beloved, it tells us as believers to be loved, to accept the vastness of our Father’s love for us, to enjoy His blessings in our lives to the full. I must admit that I find it interesting that focusing on God’s love for us makes some people mad. They want to argue about it. But that’s ok, we continue in love.

At the end of the last week’s message (“The love of God,” Mount Airy News, April 1,” we mentioned Ephesians 3:16-20, but we did not fully break it down. I am drawn back to that passage that clearly illustrates the character of God. Verse 16 tells us that He would have us “to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man.”

The Lord desires for us to have a strong spirit by being connected with Him. God created us for this connection, and the enemy is constantly trying to distract us away from it. Worry, fear, strife, bitterness, just to name a few, can cause our focus to be taken off of our relationship with Him.

This is why the Bible tells us to guard our heart with all diligence (Proverbs 4:23), so that we keep our focus on our Father, and access his best blessings in every area of our lives. Verse 17 tells us that with Christ dwelling in our heart (focusing on and listening for him), we can be rooted and grounded (very secure) in His love for us.

As a professional counselor and Christian minister, I see so many people who are insecure, or not sure of who they are as a believer. God loves us perfectly, and His great love is unconditional, which means it does not depend on my performance. He will not love me more if I can be really good because he already loves me perfectly, and that cannot be improved upon.

Again, we said this last time: bad decisions bring bad results, which is not God’s will for your life, but He will still love you. Bad decision-making can usually be traced back to deceitfulness of the enemy, and his attempt to distract us away from God’s helpfulness and guidance.

When we are secure in God’s love for us we are much less vulnerable to be drawn away by the enemy. We stay close to our Father and enjoy His best blessings! Verse 18 speaks to the enormous level of love that God has for us. Verse 19 encourages us to experience and enjoy that great love, acceptance, and security that we have with Him, so that we can be “filled with all the fullness of God.”

Wow, what an amazing offer for the believer to accept and enjoy to the full! Verse 20 goes on to say that His ability to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think can be accessed into our lives “according to the power that works in us,” which is our willingness to receive and experience His desire to help us.

Folks, this is where miracles happen, when we believe what the Word says, and operate in it with a confident expectation in the goodness of God and His great desire to help His children. This is His true character. Thank You Lord!

John Pulliam is director of Choose Life Counseling Services.

By John Pulliam

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