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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a story by staff writer Tom Joyce, reporting that Mount Airy Commissioner Jon Cawley would like to see the city consider adding a $1 a day surcharge to patients at Northern Hospital of Surry County to offset what he believes are city expenses directly associated with the hospital, we received these comments at

Advocate Mt. Airy: Grabbing at pennies and dollars from the hospital and from non-profit organizations (see articles about taking money from the chamber and arts council for autumn leaves festival and mayberry days festival) is a direct result of lowering the taxes so much that you cannot support services that cities should provide.

Holly Dawson Nichols: Lowering taxes? I must have missed that. Mine just increased.

Advocate Mt. Airy: City property taxes have been cut by 15 cents since 2008. In theory this is good news for the tax payers, unless your city cuts taxes so much that they can’t afford to provide standard services that cities should provide.

MAINsider: So when did the fire department buy and ambulance and started transporting people to the hospital. It is illegal for the fire department to transport a patient to the hospital, and that is a fact (I don’t care what you see on TV). Another way for the very reverent to get more money to build another gazebo or some other stupid crap. How come we never discuss the 110 year old water lines that run down streets like Orchard St? When are those going to be replaced?


In response to a recent Mount Airy News editorial remarking on the civility and professionalism shown by candidates seeking various offices in Surry County during hte recent primary, we received these comments at

Question Mark: In this editorial, the only person who won’t let the past city election dynamics “go” is the writers at the newspaper! In every written article, something negative is stated to reopen an issue that is now closed. Let’s face it – everybody has moved on with their lives except the old grey haired men who try to put together material for our hometown paper. The only sour grapes I know about are the ones expressed by the newspaper. When will “they let it go”?

LindaLea: I represented Van Cooke at the precinct at Faith Baptist Church on Frankin Rd. all day Tuesday. During that time there were other representatives for Bill Goins, Larry Johnson. Allen Poindexter. We talked all day together & kind of rotated going to the voters with our cards & pleas for votes. Each of us would then mention how the other candidates were also good choices. It was a wonderful day of polite competition. I left a little early & wished each person good luck, and meant it. What an unusual day in politics! Congratulations Larry Johnson.


In response to a letter to the editor by Rebecca Harmon of Mount Airy in which she states the media is biased in its reporting of Donald Trump, painting him as a racist, xenophobic “con man,” we received these comments:

daily reader: Please. The media is “painting” Mr. Trump as racist and xenophobic? Just listen to and watch him using his *own* words. “Islam hates us.” “Build a wall at the border of Mexico!.” (No wall needed on the border to Canada?) “Go get a job!” – to people of color who protest at his rallies. (All his supporters present at his rallies don’t need to get jobs? They can be present but apparently don’t need to “go get a job”?) The man who manufactures his own clothing line in China wants to bring back jobs to the US? The “media” made him say that and do that?

War Eagle: I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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