‘You Said It’ a loathsome column?

To the Editor,

“You Said It” is a loathsome addition to the Mount Airy News. No respectable news organization would allow people to express opinions without adding their names to their views.

This is reminiscent of “Speak Up”, which once was a feature in the Mount Airy News. My friends and I called it “Spit Up” because it provided people with a gripe, (not substantiated by any facts) to attack others anonymously.

I also object to news reporters (who are supposed to report the facts) to air their political biases on the editorial pages. The editorial page should be staffed by editors, not by newsmen who are supposed to be unbiased. I object to such a huge space dedicated to local staff writers to air their sometimes not very interesting musings.

Let’s have an editorial page that presents a variety of educated opinions on current issues. Just because we are a small town, we don’t have to be provincial in outlook.

Judy Rhoden

Mount Airy

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