Reader: Trump is no game changer

To the Editor,

Tom (Joyce) you are obviously a Trump supporter based on your article entitled “‘Establishment’ needs re-establishing” in Saturday’s (5 Mar) Mount Airy News. I also believe the Establishment, ie. career politicians, needs to go or be re-established. Where I disagree is that Trump or any one individual can do this.

You claim Trump is a game changer…..a lot of people thought our current President was a game changer. Trump is as Obama…..he is not who he says he is. As with Obama the evidence of who he truly was, a ideologically driven socialist was ignored by many because he sounded like a “game changer”. Trump has proven time and time again, with this own words, he has been as far left as many progressives; yet many ignore this because he sounds like a “game changer”. Like Obama; who really knows who Trump is. It is no wonder he is bringing people into the party. Trump, as Obama, is winning by lying about who he truly is. Obama did not get anything, of consequence, through Congress while the Democrats controlled Congress. My guess is Donald will be the same with a Republican Congress. Trump made the statement a while back that if he was to run for President he would probably run as a Republican because he could lie to them about anything because they (GOP voters) were so stupid. Do you like being played? Do you like being his dupe?

I agree GOP standards (party) have slipped over the years, just as the Dem’s, but you actually think Trump has standards? The only standard he adheres to is “whatever helps him come out on top”. Even if that means “Rigging the Game”……for himself, not for you and me, and certainly not for America. You also come down on GW and his administration; which seems to be real popular these days. Sure they, like all of us, made their share of mistakes; but if you will remember most everybody in the know believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and this went back through the Clinton administration. I think you and many anti -establishment folks have forgotten Iraq was pretty much under control when Bush left office, it was his predecessor who is responsible for destabilizing Iraq and the Middle East.

As a matter of fact what it comes downs to is that The Donald nor any other man or woman, individually, can do anything to change or re-establish the establishment. The only way to do as the title of your article suggests is through our Constitution, which is truly a “We the People” solution. It is through Article V of our Constitution that “We the People” can call for a Convention of States (COS). The current movement for a COS can be found at Convention of It is through and Art V COS that “We the People” can finally ensure the Washington establishment is changed once and for all through such things as Congressional term limits. The real game changer here is the American people and not some self loving game rigger.

James Wagner

Mount Airy

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