Reader: Litter major problem

To the Editor,

A headline in The Mount Airy News dated January 6, 2016 caught my attention. Finally someone in Surry County wants to address the litter problem.

I want to thank Commissioner Eddie Harris for his endeavor to clean up the area. I make frequent trips to Mount Airy on H. 52 and the trash on the highway is astronomical. He has received authority to implement an anti-littering program in Surry County and I hope this program covers H. 52 also. If the state is responsible for keeping H. 52 clear of trash, then Surry County officials need to put the pressure on the responsible party.

Being a native of Surry County, I’d like to see the county do all they can to support Commissioner Harris. As he said, “It’s good for the environment of the county as well as keeping it beautiful.” Greater enforcement of the littering law should be implemented for all of North Carolina.

Wilma Hiatt


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