Reader defends News writer

In response to Mr. J Fred Norman’s letter from Cary, (“Taking issue with column,” Tuesday, Feb. 23, Mount Airy News): Sir, I respectfully suggest you apologize to Mr. Tom Joyce. He is an excellent reporter who “reports” the news and does not try to bend or mold the news to appease you or any other misinformed, misguided person or persons. You made it abundantly clear in the closing paragraphs of your letter that you cannot be bothered by the facts of recent White House history.

Mr. Obama has done precisely what he promised to do: fundamentally change this great nation. He has reduced our military to abhorrent levels. We now have the same Navy we had in 1917. He deploys our troops with rules of engagement that ensures their defeat. And then boldly seeks self-aggrandizement by presenting Medals of Honor and other awards to our troops.

He really demonstrated his Christian values by his shabby treatment of the family and friends of Justice Scalia at his funeral service!

Yes, Mr. Norman, you are entitled to your opinion but don’t express it by attacking one of the finest journalist in the great state of North Carolina.

Monroe T. Donathan

Mount Airy


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