Acres of religious diamonds

Dr. David Sparks

You have probably read or heard the old classic story, “Acres of Diamonds” written by Russell H. Conwell, in which he points out that man has searched for treasure in every corner of the world, but he has often failed to see that right in his own back yard or hometown there are “Acres of Diamonds.”

As Conwell’s story unfolds, a farmer begins to dream of finding diamonds so he can become wealthy. He sells his lovely farm and sets out around the world to search for his fortune. Of course, he never strikes it rich, but instead ends up his life a penniless, starving wretch who dies a suicide in a far distant land.

Meanwhile, the man who bought his farm back in his homeland discovers first one, then another, and another diamond, and finally uncovers one of the world’s great diamond mines. It was there all the time! The farmer never realized what he really had under his very footsteps each day!

Let me suggest that here in our own fair city and county we are BLESSED with acres of spiritual diamonds! Where, you ask, are they located? Well, let me share with you from a list I have cobbled together:

– There are a great number of evangelical congregations right here in MountAiry & Surry County – you can certainly find one that is right for you and your family.

– I know from certain knowledge that there are numbers of godly ministers whom folks can call for prayer or counsel day or night.

– The Gideons International have a powerful ministry in their local camps to distribute Bibles and Scriptures around the world!

– In May of each year local Christians gather at the City Hall building to take part in the National Day of Prayer.

– This newspaper, the Mount Airy News, is anything but anti-Christian and goes the extra mile to help the religious community to get the Word out concerning church activities.

– There is the ministry of the Good News Journal with news of what is happening in the greater Christian community.

– We should be glad there are earnest, good-hearted ministers who are willing to do street-preaching each week, with the cooperation and good will of our law enforcement departments. As far as I know, there have been no serious efforts to try to curtail these ministers from their ministry on the sidewalks of the city.

– For Gospel music there is Joy-FM 91.3; We’re blessed to have some national and international singing groups from the area: The Easter Brothers; Jeff and Sherri Easter; to name a few.

– Gospel radio abounds here, too. WSYD 1300 AM, WPAQ 740 FM., and WIFM 100.9 FM.

– Finally, the greatest assets of any locality are God’s people, who, by their prayers and godly lifestyle and example, help to hold back the tide of wickedness and evil that is constantly threatening to overwhelm all of society. By their faithful witnessing they help great numbers of people find the joy of knowing Christ as Lord and Savior! Mount Airy and Surry County have their share of those kind of wonderful people. Our Lord Jesus referred to them as the “light of the world, and the salt of the earth.”

Dear friends, WE ARE BLESSED! We indeed have “Acres of Diamonds” right here among us! While we can rejoice at what we have, there is much work for God’s people to do in sharing what God has imparted to us.

Dr. David Sparks

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