The great variety of God

Dr. David Sparks

The scriptures tell us that Jacob’s twelve sons became the progenitors, or forefathers, of the twelve tribes of Israel. A simple study of their lives reveals that these boys were remarkably different in regards to their personalities; their dispositions; their talents and gifts in life. Some may think that this is an unusual occurrence, but such is not the case, because God is a God of variety in His Creation, His work, and in His dealings with mankind.

Let me cite a personal example. There were twelve children in my family. Each of us were given Bible names: (Paul; Samuel; James; Ruth; Mary Elizabeth; Namoi Sarah; Joel; Titus Aaron; Esther Rachel; Anna Priscilla; David Jesse; and Philip Timothy). Could the fact that our daddy was a minister have influenced the naming? Probably. One thing that was always apparent to me and most likely to the others in the family was how each child was so different as to personality, disposition, and talent.

Throughout nature we see that God is not limited in His creation. One or two kinds of flowers was not enough for the Lord: He scattered millions of kinds across the earth! He could have made one or two mountains just to show us what one looks like and have been done with it, but He put mountains in every part of the world! And so with the great variety of trees, plants, etc.

This also applies to people. Imagine what our town would be like were it not for God’s variety in bestowing natural gifts among people. We can thank the Lord that some folks are called and equipped to be auto technicians to keep our vehicles rolling down the road; beauticians, as their name implies, help keep the ladies looking beautiful; law enforcement officers keep society from destroying itself…you see there is hardly a limit to the variety of people God gives to every community. What great grace God continually showers upon us!

Finally, consider the Church: Christ declared, “I will build My Church…” In His Church He equips His people; He supplies the gifts which help us to maintain the work of the kingdom of God. The exciting thing is that there is a place in God’s kingdom for everyone to labor.

Have you discovered the joy of knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior? If so, have you discovered the gift or gifts God wants to equip and develop within you that you can be a vital, vibrant and exquisitely unique part of His church.

Dr. David Sparks is pastor of the Flat Rock Pentecostal Holiness Church

Dr. David Sparks

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