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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

On a column by staff write Tom Joyce, in which he laments local schools cancelling or postponing football games because of heavy rain and he recounts a Mud Bowl game from his own youth, we received the following Facebook comments.

Kevin Wyrick: This guy is just completely unhappy with everything that happens in this city…

Russell Thomas: Great story I remenber North Surry and Elkin playing for Western NC High School football Championship in Elkin in a driving rain storm. One end of Elkin field was part of part of baseball infield You could also call this a “Mud Bowl”.

In response to a column by staff writer Andy Winemiller, in which he questions flying the Confederate Flag, given its history as a symbol of states that supported slavery as the primary cause for leaving the Union, we received the following Facebook comments:

Darlene King Tate: Good article!

Michael Hull: Asking the uneducated to attain a firm grasp on history, is tantamount to asking a Christian to read the bible.

They’ll only pick the parts that suit them, and tell the rest of us we’re taking things out of context.

Oh yeah…did I mention that “holy” book was used to justify the hate and mistreatment of human beings?

They’re still using it to justify hate and mistreatment of human beings.

Did I forget to mention those slave traders and owners carried a bible in one hand and a whip in the other?

Now they carry that book and that flag.

Johnny White: If the flag offends you go up north. We are in the south. Everything you do offends somebody, get over it . Gays offend me but we still have them. Tattoos and piercings all over offend me but we still see them everyday.

And we received these comments on our website,

Terry Hill: They’re not African-Americans.

Doug: Great Article. You are correct. Thanks for writing

On a story by Andy Winemiller regarding the opening of Mayberry Spirits downtown, we received the following comments on our website:

randy cave: Woe to him that puts the bottle to his neighbor’s lips. Scott you can have my part of these benefits. In God’s eyes you are the negative comment.

Scott Sutton: Took this tour My wife and I were very impressed As for the negative comments in this thread,,, Liquor is readily available through out Mt Airy NC but, Mayberry Spirits is bringing the area,, A more diverse group of vistors YES this a great thing for the area Not just Spirits but Gourmet cooking products too and some beautiful local Appalachian Crafts.. Go visit take a tour pick up a little knowledge.

Undercover Angel: Whiskey, now that’s what we need more of – “NOT”. Not Impressed!!!!

randy cave: Will we now have more people like Otis in Mayberry?


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