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You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles and opinion pieces we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

In response to a staff editorial praising the Mount Airy Downtown and other organizations for organizing a city candidate forum and encouraging local residents to attend, we receive the following Facebook comments:

Michael Hull: If the likes and shares are an indication of predictable participation, it’ll be a forum for generation tumbleweed.

Jacob Blizzard: Generation tumbleweed?

Michael Hull: Over your head?

Michael Hull: Should I dumb it down to meet crowd expectations?

Jacob Blizzard: No…

Michael Hull: So…you’re totally unaware of the tumbleweed metaphor? Point proven.

Jacob Blizzard: I’ve honestly never heard of it. What is the meaning? I even did a Google search and came up with nothing…

Michael Hull: Tumbleweeds are associated with ghost towns. It’s a way of saying no one showed up….as I type that, I feel sorry for the generation spoke of in the article

In response to an article by staff writer Tom Joyce covering the candidate forum, we received these comments on our website,

Undercover Angel: Either candidate, Steve Yokley or David Rowe, would be perfect for Mayor of our great city. I am so proud of them both. Mr. Yokley was my dentist and I have respect for him. He’s a great Mayor. And Mr. Rowe, whom I know from the Mount Airy School Board, also is a great man to be Mayor. Either one would be wonderful. So proud of these two men. “There is no – may the BEST MAN WIN in this race for Mayor.”

LindaLea: I would like to thank all those involved with such a well planned, professional event. It is exciting to see young people involved with the future plans for Mt. Airy. All the candidates did a good job explaining their positions. It is evident who stands where & why.. What a wonderful turnout! I hope this means a great voter turnout. It seems this election will be about big business against private ownership of property, honesty, & transparancy. Just remember as this commission is making plans on what to do with “others” property for a non essential purpose YOUR family property could be next. Vote Springthorpe, Gene Clark, & Brinkley for commissioners.

In response to a story by staff writer Andy Winemiller on the grand opening of Mayberry Spirits, we received the following comments on

Undercover Angel: Whiskey, now that’s what we need more of – “NOT”. Not Impressed!!!!

randy cave: Will we now have more people like Otis in Mayberry?

In response to a series of Mount Airy commissioner candidate profiles done by Tom Joyce, in which Commissioner Jim Armbristers criticizes the city redevelopment commission for not being transparent, we received the following comments on our website:

Aflockadevos: Finally a commissioner who sees it from a long time resident’s point of view! It seems like info has been released in bits and pieces and in “all of a suddenish” parts. It’d been interesting to see how many of those who are lifers and who are new residents who moved with the hopes of it being a truly modern Mayberry oppose or are for these efforts. Thanks Mr. Armbrister!

Advocate Mt. Airy: I wish Jim Armbrister would elaborate on what he means by a “lack of solid and timely information coming from the redevelopment commission”… The commission has followed the legal steps of urban redevelopment law. All of their meetings are open to the public. Their draft plan is available the city website.

Jim Armbrister: Advocate Mt. Airy, Sure I would enjoy the opportunity to meet and discuss. Gives us the opportunity to understand each other better. Bring as many friends as you choose as a good discussion in person is so much more productive for us all. 336-401-6832 is my phone number if you wish to contact me by call or message. Email is [email protected] Thanks!

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