Reasons to vote for Trump?

To the Editor,

Why should everyone vote for Trump? Many good reasons. For instance. The media hates him, and wants to “tell us” who is a viable candidate, who is qualified, and who to vote for.

The establishment in Washington hates him, all of them. He is so politically incorrect. He doesn’t “know” as much as they think he should know. But look where the “know it alls” in Washington have gotten us so far. We need a leader with a real backbone. And a little energy (for work instead of golf).

Obama got elected because a lot of Americans wanted to reach out to the African-American community and say “we are not racist”.

And look where “that” got us. The first ever president who wrapped his arms around gay rights and shoved it on the American people, and decided that “HE“ was better qualified than God to decide what is right or wrong. And he still has the audacity to call himself a Christian. I’ll never believe it.

His family’s eight year luxury vacation (at tax payer expense) is about over. He has gotten worse every year. He has catered primarily to his own special interest groups. And every chance he gets, he hugs Islam, and takes a slap at law enforcement. Like just the other day when he invited the Muslim boy with what looked like a bomb to the White House. That was his arrogant way of favoring the Muslims and stabbing law enforcement.

I have never in my life wanted to see someone “OUT” of the White House more than the Obamas. And I hope America doesn’t make the same stupid mistake by voting the first woman into the White House, just for the sake of getting the first woman president.

Lonnie Malcomb

Hillsville, Virginia

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