You Said It…

You Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles we’ve published. The comments are reproduced verbatim.

On a story by staff writer Tom Joyce about the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners considering supporting the Little Free Libraries program, we received the following Facebook comments:

Tina Jackson: No matter where you put it somebody will tear it down.

Angela Hudson Llewellyn: The Mt Airy Public Library has had one at the Jones Family Resource Center since November of 2013, with no damage. It gets used quite a bit.

Annalisa Davis: We have a beautiful one at the YVEDDI Jones Family Resource Center. It is used a lot, no damage.

Annalisa Davis: And, I think it would be awesome if Mt. Airy did get a few more. Perhaps one among the walking trails, and maybe one downtown somewhere.

Florence Tillotson: Never seen or heard of these little libraries. Great for children, as well as adults. Good, deep thinking, as well as a good committee, can solve what ideas can help without the damage. Good luck.

Tim Stacy Tilley: if ya going to do it..put it in a place where it wont be damaged.if you put it at the park it wont last a week.somebody will tear it down.put it out front of the schools

In response to a column by Tom Joyce, in which he says media coverage of the shooting deaths of two television journalists in Virginia was clouded by political correctness, we received the following Facebook comments:

Betty Mae Belyea: Of course the people are afraid of race calling!!!!

Timothy Horton: this is the truth—-in the face of blatant racism— even most white people wont call it what it is—-every headline in america should read===GAY RACIST BLACK MAN GUNS DOWN 2 UNARMED WHITE REPORTERS==tired of our soft society and the pc crowd

Selina Midkiff: It doesn’t matter what his beliefs were. He was a disturbed individual.

Timothy Horton: why doesnt it matter??thats what led to his actions—-had he not been a prejudiced gay black man—-this would not have happened—when this segment of society stops looking for conceived slights and realizes they have been raised on lies and rhetoric—then they will move forward—-until then things stay as they have been for generations for these misinformed misguided people

Jeannie Simmons: Great article and so true!

Mike Cook: If a white person shot a black news team the whole country would be upside down right now. The DOJ would be there, the NAACP would be in on it, pushing their racist agenda, it would be unbelievable. If a black man had killed a black news team it would somehow be instigated by white people or something. Racism is not the problem here. Taking charge of each individual persons life, working toward a goal to better ourselves, and accepting responsibility for our own actions is the issue at hand. The people around that murderer, had been given ample warning he was dangerous, lost numerous jobs due to his instability, and I have a feeling excuses were made for him due to the fact he was black. This type of thing is sad considering all of the sacrifices and heartache during the civil rights movement.

Fred Norman: Mr. Joyce is off base, apples to oranges. The Charleston shooter randomly picked his victims solely by race. The Roanoke shooting involved grudges against specific people. It would appear race did not enter into it, as it appears if the victims had been black it wouldn’t have mattered. Race was not a part of the incident, unless you want to make it so.

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