You said it…

Your Said It is a periodic feature of The Mount Airy News, where we share comments we’ve received on Facebook, via Twitter, or on our website,, on articles we’ve published.

We received a number of Facebook comments on a column written by staff writer Andy Winemiller, in which he explained why he believes court officials should not receive an exemption from marrying gay and lesbian couples.

Larry Stoneman: I very much agree with Andy Winemiller’s article.

Michael Hull: This should ruffle some Tea-Party feathers. Some of the more outspoken members of that group need to be held to account for their bigotry and racism.

Milissa Brintle: Exactly! Great article.

Darlene King Tate: Agreed! One of the best articles I’ve read in My. Airy news in a while!

Misty Diane Snow: Couldn’t have said it better myself! Maybe you should run for office!

Rick Carpenter: BRAVO!!

Sarah Elmore: Well said!

On a column by staff writer Tom Joyce regarding Bruce Jenner’s decision to be known as a woman named Caitlyn Jenner, we received a number of Facebook comments. Among them were:

Mike Wall: Disgusting editorial.

Amy Renee: Obviously you people care since you took the time to read and comment on it and fyi, Bruce/Caitlyn isn’t the first transgendered celebrity, yet everyone has to make a big deal about him and make all these negative comments. People’s negativity toward this issue is why most people like this keep it hidden for fear of ridicule…seriously people…when did you become GOD???

Larry Stoneman: Interesting take on why Jenner is so out there, Tom. I hadn’t seen that side of it.

William E. Owens: Calling Jenner “icky” seems to be an unnecessarily juvenile comment. Suggesting Caityln Jenner should go into some transgender “closet” in underground Europe is about as valid as claiming blacks should sit in the back of the bus and be quiet. Jenner was too high profile long before all this to become low key now. Equally valid would be to ask Mr. Joyce, why didn’t you just keep your opinion to yourself or, if you just had to write it down somewhere to feel complete, why didn’t you bury it in a time capsule in your basement? Or did you decide “Caitlyn” was bad enough and “Giselle” good enough to write about so you could emulate Jenner and generate a little publicity? Having spent only 20% of my career in journalism, I offer a tip of my hat and a hope that your newspaper flourishes.

Ruth Hayes: WHO CARES

On a story by Tom Joyce regarding the city’s naming of a recycling mascot, we received this Facebook comment:

Chris Redmond: Should save that money to start picking up curbside recycling every week, rather than create a motto……

And we received this comment on our website on a story by Tom Joyce regarding the North Carolina Department of Transportation straightening a curve on Highway 89:

BimBim: What a waste of money. If what they have done has “straightened” out the curve, then I have some ocean front property right off the parkway! What they have done, is made a mess. Clearing all the area above the curve? Was that really needed? Then the slides. Did they not have someone check to see what was under the top layer of dirt? I guess, not being an engineer, I look to the simple solutions to problems. I do not look to make the problem worse. I realize the curve is dangerous. I believe that a less costly approach could have been taken. I also know that tractor trailers are not allowed on that part of the road..I guess it was easier to spend over a million dollars to “fix” a curve, than it was to tell a company they could not go down the mountain. Seems to me the road has been there a lot longer then the company has. But look on the bright side, maybe these same engineers can fix the problem on 601 by the Lowes, Cook-Out, and Cracker Barrell! Now that is a traffic problem.