De-funding corruption and evil

By Andy Winemiller -

Recently, I covered an event in which U.S. Rep. Mark Walker spoke to a pretty large crowd at Page’s Books and Coffee Shop. While I’m sure the Congressman and I could find a matter or two on which we disagree, my views on most matters pretty much align with the Greensboro minister turned lawmaker.

Walker left no doubt as to his stance regarding a proposed Iran nuclear deal that the Congressman described as “ridiculous,” and Walker was even more outspoken of his belief that the federal government should de-fund Planned Parenthood.

I’ve actually grown more liberal over the years, which some would say is the opposite of what is supposed to happen. “If you’re not a liberal at 20 you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at 40 you have no brain,” Winston Churchill once said.

Perhaps Churchill’s thoughts apply to me. At the age of 29 I now consider myself a moderate, with different views on all sorts of matters. I side with “liberals” on matters such as same sex marriage, but I am also a pretty extreme fiscal conservative.

One matter on which my opinion has never wavered, however, is the matter of abortion. Every part of the moral code that makes up Andy, says that abortion is wrong. In fact, it is my humble belief that it’s murder. I simply can’t stomach the thought of killing an unborn human being.

After citing a series of Youtube videos that “exposed” Planned Parenthood Walker declared the organization to be “corrupt and evil.” I grew more respect for Walker when he said, “you can quote me on that.”

I have a young and curious mind, so upon my return to the office I viewed the videos. It didn’t take long for me to see exactly what Walker had spoken about. To use the words disconcerting and disgusting would be quite the understatement.

The videos showcase a Planned Parenthood physician discussing the sale of the tissue of unborn children. While I wouldn’t recommend eating while watching the video, the doctor seems to have no issue with gorging herself while bartering over prices for tissue samples taken from unborn children.

Another video features a former Planned Parenthood employee discussing how she was called into another room to view “something you don’t see often.” It was an aborted child whose heart was still beating.

I can’t write to the validity of the aforementioned videos. However, they did solidify any views I had regarding abortion. I thought it was wrong and I still think it’s wrong. I also hope that Walker sticks to his guns in his stance on the organization. I understand his stance, but I can’t understand the stance of liberals on this matter.

Folks like President Barack Obama run around the world crying for folks who are impoverished or oppressed and making the case that America is wrong on matters of foreign policy. However, they allow the federal government to sponsor the murder of unborn children.

Here’s a group of people that supposedly cares about mankind and would like to see just about everything regulated by the government who say “it’s not our position to intervene in a woman’s right to choose.”

Here’s a thought. Let’s tie the tubes of every female and give every male in America a vasectomy. Upon proving that a person is willing and capable to raise a child, that individual can apply for the appropriate “child license.” If the license is issued then the aforementioned procedure can be reversed, and “Junior” can be conceived.

With most other responsibilities in this world such as a driver’s or marriage license a person must meet some qualifications. Why not apply qualifications to parenthood — arguably the most important responsibility one may undertake in life?

This would give the left another means to regulate our lives, something they seem to enjoy doing. They could grow the government and the federal budget, another thing they are adept at doing.

Of course, I don’t actually believe “child licenses” are a real answer to eliminating abortions. It’s an outlandish thought. However, there must be a better way of promoting responsible parenthood than the means Planned Parenthood uses.

Perhaps the means could be better sex education. Maybe we ought to really look at our values as a society. Additionally, the threat of a father’s shotgun can go a long way in preventing unplanned parenthood. I don’t know what the answer is, but there must be a better one than what Planned Parenthood offers — which is murder.

By Andy Winemiller

Andy Winemiller is a staff writer at the Mount Airy News. Andy can be reached at (336) 415-4698 or

Andy Winemiller is a staff writer at the Mount Airy News. Andy can be reached at (336) 415-4698 or

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