Thumbs Up…

To all of the area school teachers, administrators and support personnel who put in long, hard hours of planning and preparation for the first big week of school in both the Mount Airy and Surry County systems. We’re sure the opening days weren’t perfect, but it’s clear they went smoothly for most, and that’s a testament to the officials in the school system.

Working hard to make those first days smooth sets up the students for a better chance of a successful and memorable year.


To North Surry High School’s Daron Atkins, whose successful grant application made North Surry one of just ten high schools in the state to qualify for a grant that will put 20 Computer Aided Design-capable computers in the homes of area students.

Teachers are already busy individuals, pushed to get a tremendous amount of work accomplished, and pursuing grants such as these is extra work, but many local teachers do this for one goal — to make success more likely for their students.

Atkins’ efforts will now allow 20 local students who might not otherwise be able to afford it the opportunity to get the CAD computers in their homes so they can pursue studies in this field.


To Habitat for Humanity and all of the agency’s volunteers who turned over two more houses last week to two families.

As always, this agency is giving two families a chance at the American dream of home ownership, and in turn making the community stronger in the process. Building a network of volunteers who give so much over the years is an achievement to be envied, and Mount Airy and Surry County is fortunate to have such an active and successful chapter of Habitat.

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