Thumbs Up…

To the residents of Mount Airy, who have made the city’s curbside recycling program so successful city officials have decided to expand the program to businesses within the city limits.

It may be hard to imagine now, but the program was somewhat controversial at its inception, with many questioning the cost and projected participation levels of the voluntary program. Mount Airy officials were right to disregard the criticism (including ours) — city residents have embraced the program and it has certainly proven worth the expense.


To the Mount Airy City Schools for the system’s Chinese language program. Whether or not one buys into the idea that learning the main language of China will be of significant measurable value to the individuals students, opening the students’ eyes to other cultures in a close and personal way is certainly an enriching experience that will benefit the youth involved in the classes.


To a handful of those very city school students who visited China over the summer as part of a cultural and educational exchange program. The behavior of the students who visited there was so remarkable it prompted governing officials in China to send a letter to the Mount Airy School system, praising the students for their respect of Chinese culture and the manner in which they represented the Untied States.

This speaks highly of these students, their parents, and the Mount Airy community as a whole.


And a BIG thumbs down to state legislators in Raleigh. It’s now 53 days past the time when a state budget was due, and North Carolina still has no budget in place. Meanwhile, the legislators have run up a tab of more than $1 million since July 1, sitting in Raleigh on the taxpayer dime while debating the budget. So much for the concept of part-time citizen legislators.

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