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By Andy Winemiller -

The Aug. 6 Republican presidential debate certainly altered a few of my views and also confirmed many of my opinions about the candidates who took the stage. Some shined. Others didn’t.

I was particularly impressed with Ben Carson. Going into the debate I didn’t believe him to be what I would call a “real candidate.” Others didn’t impress me, with most candidates saying and doing just what I had expected of them.

Donald Trump said some things with which many folks took issue. John Kasich told the same stories about a mailman father and balancing the federal budget as I heard at least 100 times when we were both on the campaign trail in Ohio.

I was particularly impressed when Chris Christie took Rand Paul to school, accusing him of “blowing hot air.” Christie is running on the campaign promises of being the first President since William Howard Taft to get stuck in a White House bathtub and shutting down all federally-funded bridges for personal political gain.

Whether I liked all the viewpoints of those on the stage or not, each candidate brought some good things and some bad to the table. However, I did get the feeling that all the possible Republican presidential nominees have one very important thing in common — they all love America.

That concept, in and of itself, puts any one of the men and women in the GOP presidential race light years ahead of the product currently inhabiting the White House.

Back in February former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani made waves when he declared that President Barack Obama simply doesn’t have a basic love of our great country. In the true form of a politician, Giuliani retreated from the remarks in subsequent interviews.

However, I think Giuliani hit the nail on the head. Perhaps he just let his guard down and threw out the concept of political correctness for a few minutes. However, in front of a bunch of Republican donors and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Giuliani said the same thing that many Americans believe.

Like Giuliani, I can’t say for certain that Obama doesn’t love America. However, a look at his actions over the period of the past eight years really makes me think that Giuliani just may have been onto something. The best examples of Obama’s disdain for the way we do things as a country are found in the President’s foreign policy.

Like many of the nation’s presidents in the past few decades, Obama never went to war for his country. He didn’t dodge a draft like Bill Clinton, but he also didn’t even have the interest or intestinal fortitude to serve his country in the George W. Bush style of service.

Obama never put a helmet on and wielded a rifle in the face of an enemy. Once a person does that, they can learn what true love of country is. A flag waving on the horizon as the Star Spangled Banner plays has a much more profound meaning to those of who have served or suffered a loss at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists, the Viet Cong or a Japanese kamikaze pilot.

Obama has been on a worldwide apology tour since taking office. He’s equated Islamic terrorists to Crusade-era Christians. He has made an agreement with the Iran government that could lead to that government becoming a nuclear force. Throughout his Iran negotiations the president has opted to shun Israel, which may very well be our only true ally in that region.

On the same day as Marines and a sailor were killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Obama seemed more concerned about wishing Muslims a happy Ramadan. He didn’t even order flags lowered to half-staff until five days after those servicemen were murdered.

Obama also traded five top-level terrorists for a man accused of desertion. Those Islamist terrorists will go right back to finding ways to kill Americans. The president just doesn’t get it.

Obama’s latest stunt was to legitimize an oppressive Cuban government. A little more than 50 years ago that country was pointing missiles at us. Call it a grudge, but I don’t like people who point missiles at us.

The fact of the matter is that, to the common person, Obama seems aloof. I truly believe that the man thinks he’s smarter than the citizenry. He talks down to us in nearly every address to the nation. I just don’t think he gets what those of us who truly love this country are thinking.

Putting somebody in office who has no doubts that the United States of America is the greatest country on Earth will be a nice breath of fresh air for those of us with an unquestioned love for our country.

By Andy Winemiller

Andy Winemiller is a staff writer at the Mount Airy News. Andy can be reached at (336) 415-4698 or

Andy Winemiller is a staff writer at the Mount Airy News. Andy can be reached at (336) 415-4698 or

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