Road work hard on residents

To the Editor,

We live in a development off N. Holly Springs Rd. They took up both sides of road at once, and we had to go old 52 business twice to finally get home.

The company doing the road work needed to do ONE lane at a time instead of both lanes. They had tack on one side of the road, and it’ll stick to your car forever. Then we had to go back Reeves Mill Road to Business 52 again to Holly Springs, and they had Stone pilled up, and finally smoothed it down before we came across it.

They need a Detour sign at Charlie Norman’s light before some try to go past the development at the runway. They’re making a mess and now we don’t know when we can go back out because of it. The company doing it needs to get it set up better than what they’re doing. You’re supposed to always have a lane for the traffic of people that live in the area they’re working.

Sarah Southern

Mount Airy

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