Thumbs Up

To Angela Shur of Miss Angel’s Heavenly Pies for devoting time, energy, and resources to what is becoming a wildly successful fundraiser for the Shepherd’s House, an area homeless shelter.

Two years ago, in 2013, Angela started the pie eating contest as part of the city’s July 4 festivities, and to raise money for the Shepherd’s House. Like many such endeavors, it’s taken a little bit of time to really become ingrained in the local community, but raising $9,000 was an enormous accomplishment, and an example of a local business finding ways to make a difference in the community.


To the Mount Airy Professionals of Surry and Mount Airy Downtown Inc. for partnering to secure a $20,000 grant to help change the alleyway at 175 N. Main St. in Mount Airy to a true public gathering place, complete with seating and a place for small-scale musical performances.

It’s hard to quantify what this sort of project would do — there’s no measurement to say it attracts a certain amount of dollars or creates a particular number of jobs — but it’s another small piece of the larger, ongoing effort to make downtown Mount Airy a more attractive destination for local residents and tourists.

And that is always good for the city.



To the North Carolina General Assembly for consideration of scrapping the decades-old driver’s education programs in the state’s public schools.

If proposals being considered by both houses of the Legislature come to fruition, the programs will be de-funded in the public schools, and either put in the state’s community colleges or the pushed off on parents. Either plan is simply bad public policy, putting the program out of reach of many teens and making the highways considerably less safe because teens with driver’s licenses will not be as well trained.

Look up any reputable study regarding highway accidents and fatalities and it’s clear, an overwhelming number of serious wrecks involve teens and inexperienced drivers. These measures would only serve to make that worse in North Carolina.

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