Fundamentals for revival

Rev. Tim Burton

Let us look at 2 Chronicles 15-16. We can see what it takes to experience a revival in our lives and land. Let’s look at some background leading up to our text. Solomon had been king of the United Kingdom of Israel, yet he turned his back on God and began to worship the idols of his many wives. God told him that when he died the kingdom would be taken away from his family except for one tribe.

Solomon died and the nation was split and the tribe of Judah was given to Solomon’s son Rehoboam. He continued to follow the false gods of his father and to lead the nation to practice idolatry. Then he died and his son Abijah became the leader, he also continued on this same destructive path toward sin until he died. Abijah’s son Asa became the ruler and he saw the need to turn back to God and he led the nation of Judah to its first great revival.

We can see how the leaders in our nation are taking us down the sinful paths that are leading us further and further away from God and godly practices. These practices have caused our nation and people to fall so far away from the Lord that if we do not return then judgment will soon come to this once great nation. The only hope we have is for a real, heaven sent, heart-changing, sin killing revival to take place.

In our text today we can see that when this revival took place it was because three fundamentals of revival were followed by Asa and the nation Judah. Let us take a look at those fundamentals.

We must return to the Word of God

In Judah, there seemed to be a lack of prophets that would boldly proclaim the Word of God. Then we see a prophet named Azariah, that the Spirit of God came upon, and he went to the king and boldly, without compromise, or apology told Asa the truth of God’s word. When Asa heard the word of God he repented of his sin and led the people to do the same.

If we are to experience a revival in our nation, churches and lives then it is time we return to the Word of God. It is time that men of God stand in the pulpits all across the United States and without apology or compromise proclaim God’s unsearchable riches. Then we all must genuinely heed the Word of God and fall on the altar of broken repentance.

We must practice Scriptural Separation

Asa did what was necessary to separate from the idols that his fathers had set up. He even went so far as to remove his mother from being queen and tore down her idol and burned it. He also restored the things that had been dedicated to the Lord back into the place of worship.

One of the problems we have in the church today is that we want to blend with world instead of being set apart. We don’t want to look different, talk different, act different, dress different, or worship differently. If we are to experience a true revival we must be set apart from the world just as Paul wrote: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, 2 Corinthians 16: 17a.”

We must put our faith in the Lord

After the revival took place Asa drifted away from the Lord. A war broke out and he sent for the Syrian army to come to help. God sent a prophet to rebuke him and remind him that he should have trusted the Lord. If we are to experience a revival it is time we put our trust in the Lord.

Our hope does not depend on the who is in the White House or which party is in control of the congress or what the Supreme Courts rules but our hope lies in putting our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Supreme King and Judge of all.

Our world is in a desperate need of revival and it can begin with each one of us if we will truly practice the fundamentals of revival.

Rev. Tim Burton

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