Church performs Day of Service

More than thirty members from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints volunteered for the church’s Day of Service on July 29 which it holds regularly. Men, women and children from the church who ranged in age from five to their late eighties participated. The objective of the church’s Days of Service is to reach out to the community and offer random acts of service to the community.

The group of volunteers met early in the morning at the church’s Mount Airy Ward located on Temple Lane off Old US 601 and overlooking Highway US 601. Bishop John Bradley shared a few words and, referring to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, said “we are about serving others but more importantly about being an example of Jesus Christ.”

The group then divided into smaller groups and traveled to the different sites where they would be serving.

The service efforts are coordinated with multiple organizations in the area as well as individual residents who are in need of assistance. The team led by Taylor Bradley in coordination with the Surry Homeless and Affordable Housing Coalition worked on a house on Creed Street where they did some demolition work, removed carpets, replaced doors and patched dry wall.

A second group led by Sonia Dickerson, and in coordination with the Surry Children’s Center, served at the Children’s Home in Dobson cleaning windows, removing brush and improving the landscaping.

A third and fourth group led by Tom Perry and Kemp Phillips served picking up trash from multiple roads and highways while a group led by Jeff Keck assisted some residents by moving home appliances among other things.

Bishop Bradley then shared that his wish was that people in the community would “benefit from our service and be willing to pass along our service to others.”

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