Cana water system level on rebound

By David Broyles -

Residents of Cana, Virginia, can drink water a little easier now that the Carroll County Public Service Authority has repaired a leak that was draining the water system on Bear Trail.

“Everything is looking better (on the water level recovering in the tank),” said authority Executive Director Jessica Montgomery. “It takes a little time for our system to rebound but the level is up and getting closer to where I’d like it to be.”

The week of August 20, Montgomery asked customers to conserve water and be on the lookout for water where it usually isn’t visible, as crews looked for the cause of low water in the community’s water tank. The organization became aware of water levels dropping the previous week. This persisted in spite of pumping more water into the tanks.

Montgomery said the authority counts on its customers for information on leaks. She said crews noted the water level was dropping in the tanks around August 13. In spite of pumping in more than 90,000 gallons of water, the levels didn’t rebound at that time.

According to information supplied by the Montgomery’s office, peak demand for Cana, such as a hot summer day when all businesses, the school and customers are all running at capacity, pulls more than 60,000 gallons from the system, but the water level dropping was greater than could be accounted for by regular use.

Although she did not supply details on the leak or repairs, she said repair work was completed Aug. 27, and it appears all is well now.

By David Broyles