City maintains precipitation surplus

Staff Report

The Mount Airy area doesn’t look to be in danger of a drought anytime soon, based on a trend seen in recent weather statistics from the city’s F.G. Doggett Water Plant.

As of June 30, the halfway point for 2018, this area had received 30.3 inches of precipitation for the year as a whole. That is 7.69 inches, or 34 percent, above the norm for the January-June period here: 22.61 inches.

A pattern of above-average rainfall continued in June, when 4.06 inches was measured at the water plant, Mount Airy’s official weather-monitoring station. That slightly exceeded the average monthly output for June locally, 3.86 inches.

Weather records have been kept in Mount Airy since 1924.

Rain was recorded on 11 of June’s 30 days, with the largest amount on a single day — 0.77 inches — listed for June 26.

The water plant report for May reflected a much-wetter time during that month, when measurable rainfall almost doubled the all-time May average, 7.92 inches compared to 4.12.

Rain occurred on 12 days in May, including a 3.50-inch deluge logged for May 19.

Warmer in May, June

The weather breakdown also shows that June was a bit warmer than usual, with the mercury averaging 73.5 degrees last month. The local average for June is 72.7.

This was accomplished with the help with a pair of 93-degree readings, the high temperature for the month, being recorded for both June 19 and 20.

At the other end of the scale was the monthly low of 55, noted during each of three days from June 5-7.

May also was warmer than normal, when temperatures averaged 68.5 degrees compared to the usual 65.8.

A trio of 89-degree readings captured from May 13-15 took high honors for the month, with the monthly low of 34 logged for May 1.

Fog was observed on one day in June and two days during May.

Staff Report