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By Tom Joyce -
Fiddlers convention emcee Deborah Cochran announces the next act during competition Saturday afternoon. - Tom Joyce | The News

Local groups went 1-for-2 in taking top honors for adult band competitions at the Mount Airy Bluegrass and Old-Time Fiddlers Convention last weekend.

Harrison Ridge, a Mount Airy-based group, won first place in the bluegrass band category, while Five Mile Mountain Road, of Franklin County, Virginia, was judged tops in the old-time band competition.

Those same groups also captured their respective contests during the 2017 convention.

Old-time and bluegrass bands were competing for a top prize of $800 in each category on Friday and Saturday nights during the 47th-annual convention staged at Veterans Memorial Park. That was the highest available among any of the events’ various contests, including both band and individual instrument categories.

The complete list of winners and their hometowns includes:

Adult bluegrass band — First place, Harrison Ridge, Mount Airy; second place, Coyote Ugly, Kingsport, Tennessee; third place, The Ragged Edge, Mount Airy; fourth place, Mountain Highway, Lynchburg, Virginia; fifth place, Last Minute, Lawsonville.

Adult old-time band — First, Five Mile Mountain Road, Franklin County, Virginia; second, The New Smoky Valley Boys, Mount Airy; third, Cool as Grits, Durham; fourth, The Zinc Kings, Greensboro; fifth, The Slate Mountain Ramblers, Mount Airy.

Youth bluegrass band — First, Ruby Road, Inman, South Carolina.

Adult folk song — First, Wayne Seymour, Reidsville; second, “Eliza Leigh” Meyer, Raleigh; third, Jack Zell, Roanoke, Virginia; fourth, Evie Ladin, Oakland, California; fifth, Ruth Shumway, Charlotte; sixth, Tommy Nichols, Mount Airy.

Youth folk song — First, Victoria Glover, Lynchburg, Virginia; second, Jack Glover, Lynchburg, Virginia; third, Lake Carver, Mocksville; fourth, Elsa Howell, Lynchburg, Virginia; fifth, Annelle Burnette, Boone.

Adult bluegrass fiddle — First, John Hoffman, Thomasville; second, Ruth Shumway, Charlotte; third, Stephen Burwell, Johnson City, Tennessee; fourth, Henry Barnes, Washington Court House, Ohio; fifth, Wayne Cox, Danville, Virginia.

Adult old-time fiddle — First, David Bass, Durham; second, Billy Hurt Jr., Boones Mill, Virginia; third, Annissa Burnette, Boone; fourth, Erynn Marshall, Galax, Virginia; fifth, Erika Testerman, Lansing.

Youth bluegrass fiddle — First, Sydney Loflin, Denton; second, Lake Carver, Mocksville; third, Kamron Nunn, Westfield.

Youth old-time fiddle — First, Asa Nelson, Zionville; second, Hunter Hiatt, State Road; third, Sophia Burnette, Boone; fourth, Darrius Flowers, Pilot Mountain; fifth, Lenke Paisley, Sparta.

Adult bluegrass banjo — First, Steve Lewis, Jefferson; second, Ronnie Harrison, Woodlawn, Virginia; third, Gary Webb, Max Meadows, Virginia; fourth, Travis Watts, Mount Airy; fifth, Jake Loen (hometown not listed).

Adult old-time banjo — First, Trish Fore, Galax, Virginia; second, Dale Stansbury, Mount Airy; third, Marsha Todd, Mount Airy; fourth, Jared Boyd, Laurel Fork, Virginia; fifth, Seth Boyd, Martinsville, Virginia.

Youth bluegrass banjo — First, Stewey Werner, Ararat, Virginia; second, Jacob Moretz, Boone; third, Victoria Glover, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Youth old-time banjo — First, Karlie Keepfer, Sparta.

Adult guitar — First, Chad Harrison, Claudville, Virginia; second, Steve Kilby, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia; third, Brennen Ernst, Philadelphia; fourth, Cody Tucker, Mocksville; fifth, Mike Kerr, Bedford, Nova Scotia.

Youth guitar — First, Jack Glover, Lynchburg, Virginia; second, Nathan Vogel, Inman, South Carolina; third, Ethan Pardue, Sparta; fourth, Hazel Paisley, Sparta.

Adult bass — First, Ben Silcox, Riner, Virginia; second, Steven Dowdy, Rocky Mount, Virginia; third, Tommy Nichols, Mount Airy; fourth, Barbara Bowman, Mount Airy; fifth, Ryan Mack, Greensboro.

Adult dobro — First, Austin Simmons, Pilot Mountain; second, Robert Ellis, Mocksville; third, Donnie Scott, Mount Airy; fourth, David Frank, Montvale, Virginia; fifth, Chris Milliron, Rocky Mount, Virginia.

Adult dulcimer — First, Hunter Walker, Beckley, West Virginia; second, Lois Hornbostel, Bryson City; third, Ehukai Teves, hometown not listed; fourth, Marsha Harris, Morehead City; fifth, Tim Thornton, Shawsville.

Adult mandolin — First, Eli Wildman, Floyd, Virginia; second, Vincent Bullins, Lawsonville; third, Greg Jones, Mount Airy; fourth, Brewster Hubbard, Roanoke, Virginia; fifth, Luke Little, Summerfield.

Youth mandolin — First, Henry Bachhuber, Efland; second, Emily Glover, Lynchburg, Virginia; third, Talmadge Lucas, Sparta.

Adult autoharp — First, Michael Poole, Pittsboro; second, Penny Kilby, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia; third, Alex Kramer, Brooklyn, New York.

Adult dance — First, Nathan Vargo, Swannanoa; second, Marty Todd, Mount Airy; third, Michael Motley, Pinnacle; fourth, Phil Jamison, Asheville; fifth, Marsha Todd, Mount Airy.

Youth dance — First, Asa Nelson, Zionville; second, Hazel Paisley, Sparta; third, Darrius Flowers, Pilot Mountain; fourth, Annelle Burnette, Boone; fifth, Karlie Keepfer, Boone.

Most promising youth trophy — Stewey Werner, Ararat, Virginia.

Fiddlers convention emcee Deborah Cochran announces the next act during competition Saturday afternoon. convention emcee Deborah Cochran announces the next act during competition Saturday afternoon. Tom Joyce | The News

By Tom Joyce

Tom Joyce may be reached at 336-415-4693 or on Twitter @Me_Reporter.

Tom Joyce may be reached at 336-415-4693 or on Twitter @Me_Reporter.