Goad family seeks restraining order

By Jeff Linville - jlinville@mtairynews.com

A Mount Airy woman who claims to have been assaulted at Cross Creek Country Club is now herself being served with a criminal summons for allegedly stalking the family of a former sheriff candidate.

According to both sides of the dispute, Jamie and Mitzi Goad were at the country club on May 26 for a March of Dimes fundraiser.

On May 30, Mitzi Goad went to a local magistrate’s office to be served with a criminal summons accusing her of assault and battery against Diana Gwyn during the event that Saturday night. She was given a June 29 court appearance in Dobson.

Jamie Goad, who was seeking the Republican nomination for sheriff in the May 8 primary, told The Mount Airy News the day after the serving that his wife never struck Gwyn and that there was more to the story.

The Goads and Gwyn live less than a mile apart on the north side of the city. According to Jamie Goad, ever since he announced he was running for office last year, Gwyn has taken a keen interest in him and his family.

He said he has seen her watching him from her car on a couple of occasions. Once during a meet-the-candidate event, he said he saw her in her car and tried to wave her over, but she drove off, only to return later and park the car behind some bushes.

Jamie Goad said that on May 26 he and his wife were dancing at the fundraiser when they noticed a light shining on them from the crowd. He said Gwyn had turned on the flashlight of her phone and was videoing the two of them dancing.

He said Mitzi went over there, slapped the phone out of Gwyn’s hands and told her to leave her and her family alone.

“She did not get assaulted. She did not get hit,” he said of Gwyn.

The Goads are seeking a restraining order against Gwyn, and the Surry County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that Gwyn had received notification of the complaint.

The couple also is pursuing a stalking charge against Gwyn, and the Mount Airy Police Department is expected to deliver that criminal summons.

Gwyn made headlines last year when in March 2017 she filed a challenge against Mark Jones, saying he wasn’t eligible to be chairman of the Surry County Republican Party. Jones won his case and even threatened to sue Gwyn last summer for alleged damages related to the challenge.

By Jeff Linville


Reach Jeff at 415-4692.

Reach Jeff at 415-4692.